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On having entered this linkage, the alone world will see numbers, but the man of good will will see, with the God's eyes, human faces.
• Official place of the Vatican
Official space of the Holy See in Internet
• San Jose, Employer of the Engineers
"For what the patriarchs were waiting, announced the prophets, the apostles preached and the martyrs testified, it happened in his house". (Fco. Canals) Connects with the Web of Left D. Manuel Ma Domenech (Engineer)
• Educasites.net
Guide of educational resources in the network

That good formation has had to have you, my friend, to write this beautiful book, and the familiar help, and especially of his wife, to be thrown to this adventure, I on the other hand, when I have proposed to do ministry of any type I have been with something of rejection on the part of my wife, and have not known that to do, although for me, sincerely, I have preferred that the things are in peace, then, sincerely, she is a good wife. What does he advise me? Thanks.
Amancio Suarez Lasarte
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