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 Candid Fernandez releather of Spain (January 06, 2009)
 RAFAEL: Again, Candid, from Madrid, to say to you that every day I bear you in mind in the Holy Mass. I have through habit to the beginning of the same one to entrust to all those, who in turn entrust to themselves. Indeed, that every day I discover something new and beautiful on your page. OUR MOTHER always accompanies you. At first I believed that you were Mexican, always for having the imágen of the Guadalupana. MARIA, always MARIA. I cheer up, MY FRIEND... that THEY, Jesus, Maria and José, Bless you. A Candid hug.
 Thank you, my good friend, thank you.

 Cadido Fernandez Recuero of Spain (January 04, 2009)
 Rafael. Something is wonderful the apostolic task that you carry out. I am a priest, I live now in Madrid, I was 30 in Argentina. Dscubri your page, by chance, and I her am spreading for mucos places and countries. The Rosary, The Litanies, anyway so many things that he would not be able to choose. I ask the Gentleman for you and your work of which many make use for his growth in the FAITH. That The Gentleman Blesses you. HAPPY NEW YEAR. A fraternal hug. Candid
 Thank you very much D. Cándido. He does not know what I am grateful to him for his comment, comes to be like a friendly voice like which difficult way of the ministry is in, sometimes. Do write to me with more frequency and, please, entrust to me in his Mass of every day. Thank you very much, friend.

 jesus gomez sanchez de España (December 28, 2008)
 Rafael I am reading your web page, it is wonderful, it continues for ahead that the Gentleman will reward you and will open the doors of the Sky to you. That God blesses you and to your family, the Peace of the Gentleman is with you, Happy Christmas. of jesus gomez (murcia)
 Thank you, Jesus. That also God blesses you and to all your dear beings. Peace and Good in the exercise of you to live between the men of your ground that is mine, friend Jesus.

 MANUEL F. IBARZ AND BIELSA of Spain (December 16, 2008)

 Alejandro Vásquez of Colombia (September 14, 2008)
 Dear brothers in Christ, I am evangelical, of the Presbyterian church, you are a blessing for the whole Christian people without looking at surnames, thanks for this page that enriches the gospel in the whole world.
 Dear Alejandro: I am grateful to him for his comment. Christ has the arms opened for all the men of good will, be which be his race, religion and condition. Receive my affection and I respect although it is not catholic. I am baptized in the Catholic Church and in her I want to live and die because I believe that she is my Mother and of his hand it will take me to the sky. I believe also, without any doubt, that the sky is opened to every man or woman who exercises his beliefs with the good will that alone God knows. We all are children of the same Father, we all are God's children. A hug in Christ.

 josé pómez of Spain (February 06, 2008)
 ACROSTIC There are the hours of silence that in my childhood it was not finding, Impossible it seemed to leave the calm language. It does not importune rustle, the light smile Allows with the signs the powerful tomorrow. It is the perfect set, it is the illusion of the life, immaculate Heart, consolation of my help. Ah! Friendly complicity, in the longest corridor Where the kindness was living clear hours and they are they: Oh! Those who in this moment corner all my life to me. Congregated in the hours are all my senses, Occupy my shipwreck, coexist in the silence. They have not been able the years to forget your memory, You concentrate the eternal Peace, the virtue and the truth, On all the future ones, and on the presents of the sea. Blessed salty woman, shop window of the world, Mediator for mother, comes pure crystalline From the nearby Fuensanta; where your children drink; I relieve of your hope that my Mother gives force. josé pómez http://www.pomez.net

 Roberto Diaz of El Salvador (January 11, 2008)
 I am a Deacon. I congratulate them on his beautiful page. Fortitude and forward. Blessings of God and of Maria Santísima.
 Friend Roberto: I am grateful for your comment. It announces this page. You will very be right. They are waiting for it.

 Francisco Carlos of Argentina (January 11, 2008)
 I am an Argentine priest and I am very satisfied with his works, I would like to know if they are printed. In affirmative case: he might not send to me a copy of the books, from already thank you very much. Father Francisco Caggia Olavarría 1612 - 1267 City of Buenos Aires Argentina
 Much estimated D. Francisco: The book is free, but it is electronic and it has to lower his computer and later to print it. All the works are free, but it will have to lower them to his computer and to print them, if this way he wants it.

 angel eumenio pérez figueroa of Chile (December 03, 2007)
 I have stayed anodado with the videos (one that I have opened) and I feel closer to my God. I am grateful to the technical engineer, for his work, because so it is coming where others do not come, to the heart of the man. N.S. Jesus Christ already said it: Go for the world and to proclaim my word. Thank you
 Very dear Ángel: I am grateful indeed for his comment. You have discovered my intention, which is not different, that the same as, really, coming to the heart of every person and with it to give place to this beautiful opportunity to meet and to love Jesus Christ, who happens next to us, my Gentleman, who uses of this instrument, for useless, himself himself...: an engineer!... to shelter in the soul of the one who wants to receive it.

 FRANCISCO GANDARA of Mexico (December 01, 2007)
 I like very much this page. Since I discovered it I turned it into my favorite. I feel a big peace on having read it. Every day I enter to her to discover something new every day. Thanks to God for you who make all this possible. God blesses them.
 Friend Francisco: I am grateful to him for his comment and thank God of whom my Web page serves to him as meditation and peace for his soul. This it is me who looks also for mine. Of to knowing this page. It will very be right. They are waiting for it.

 victor rangel of Mexico (October 14, 2007)
 That the Holy Spirit keeps on illuminating the minds to transmit the big truths of our Mister Jesus Christ so that the God's Kingdom keeps on extending all over the planet by means of the tegnologia. Congratulations.
 Very well, D. Victor. help me to make possible for what you ask to the Holy Spirit. Of to knowing this Page. It will very be right. They are waiting for it. Thanks.

 WHITE JESUS ARRANZ of Spain (October 01, 2007)
 I am a priest from Segovia. Thank you very much for his inestimable contribution to the evangelización and to the Church. Receive a brotherly hug. Jesus Cano
 Thank you very much D. Jesus. That God blesses him and in the exercise of his department of very much fruit. Entrust to me in his prayers. Entrust this work in his daily Mass and this will be my best pay. Thanks.

 César Reynaldo López Contreras of Guatemala (September 26, 2007)
 I have only 15 days of entering this wonderful page and I have been impressed by the variety of contents that help me to my daily building, especially with the gospel and the reflection of the day, thanks for more God offered to me this excellent opportunity to know. Blessings for you.
 Very dear César. I am grateful indeed for his comment. If you want to help me announce this page, it will very be right. They are waiting for it.

 JORGE H. PINE SHERRY of Chile (September 01, 2007)
 I can mention to them only that it is a very interesting text that gives a deep reflection towards what we must be and prepare ourselves towards the salvation promise, emphasize also the excellence in the images that makes us go back truly towards this time space in the history of the man.
 Very dear Jorge: I write to him from Spain with the desire of which there should come to his computer these words that I write with the gratitude that I owe him. His comment comforts me, that of a man who in his letters allows to make a refined and Christian spirit out. I invite him to that of to knowing this page there up to where you could come. It will very be right. They are waiting for it. Do I enclose the URL that it sees in the lower line where it will find all the works of www.jesusrocksyou.net http://www.jesusrocksyou.net/articulos/articulo.php? id=76 Thank you and a greeting Rafael García Ramos www.jesusrocksyou.net

 Jose Luis Merino of Mexico (July 29, 2007)
 Dear Engineer, companion, because also I graduated and I exercise the Industrial Engineering. THANKS FOR everything to information regarding The Gospel. Looking for catechism information for my children I came to these grand pages. Thank you again for following the hand of Jesus Christ and for giving us this way of going so far as to understand more and fall down in major Faith. We greet from the border Mexico - USA to you in the city of Laredo, Texas.
 Thank you, Jose Luis. Thank you companion. That God blesses you. Do you imagine the good that you can do if you make to come to the school of your children the works that you have in the Web where you have found me? Everything is free. You can lower everything to your computer. My friend, in only 20 minutes you can do that all the children of the school of your children know the Life of Jesus Christ. Only portable it is you who have to go and do a presentation in Power Point or in Video. A strong hug in Christ. It announces this page to all the persons it is possible to you. You will very be right. They are waiting for it.

 Héctor Orlando Villatoro Herrera of Guatemala (July 12, 2007)
 Visiting the Internet I met this so beautiful page, hoped that they go forward I congratulate them. God blesses them.
 Friend Héctor: I am grateful to him indeed for his comment. I am sure that it has not found this page by chance. Christ has called at the edge of his heart and claims that it allows him to enter his soul. Make to know this page to his friends and acquaintances. It will very be right, they are waiting for it.

 xochitl Galicians brown of Mexico (June 20, 2007)
 What beautiful page have they put. I hope we approach Christ and turn to Him.
 Rather beautiful what is his comment. Not him on no word. Thanks.

 oscar A. Fonseca de Colombia (June 20, 2007)
 Cordial greeting. Consulting Internet I met this page. So that it is the first time that I read it, little by little I will know that more of you (are). I want to consult (s) something to him: When I was preparing myself in the university, some of my partners were seminarians, but the curious thing is that they belonged to three or four nominations: Catholics, Anglicanos, Diocesans: ah!, and a Shepherd. We all were receiving the same class (38 students of classroom), although other (laymen) were saying to be slightly believing. More curious it is still that, on having noticed this faith diversity, there was created a calm and respectful ambience, which was not discussing who had the truth, who was better or who was mistaken. After the grade I do not know anything about them, if they reached the priesthood my congratulations; this was eight years ago. Nice experience because in the diversity we understood ourselves. Pitiful to see and to listen to what way priests between themselves denounce. In my life I learned that a priest is chosen of God. Why, then, today for, 21st century, catholic, Anglican, orthodox as pioneering of the Christian faith do they remain divided, if our Shepherd is the only one: Jesus Christ? I have never listened to a historical and respectful dialogue between them, like example and práxis for all his followers. I believe firmly in Jesus Christ and for it I am taking part with my comment. My excuses if I committed an outrage against the faith of someone. Thousand thank you. Bucaramanga - Colombia.
 Very dear Oscar: You have not committed an outrage against the faith of anybody, only you have exhibited a reflection that comes to be like putting the "finger in the ulcer". Efectívamente, the Christians we are desunidos and this is a scandal for the world. I am the engineer author of a catholic Book that is called an AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUS CHRIST. You have found me on this page without looking for me and I, who did not create in coincidences, understand that this Jesus, in whom you believe firmly, has taken you of his hand so far, and likewise, this Jesus has put my fingers on the keyboard of the computer where from I write to you. If you have curiosity of how a normal man, of the street, a catholic layman, interprets The Gospel from the perspective of the one that lives of the exercise of the skill, you have only to read some of the articles that I put at your disposal on this page, where you have found me. I am not a priest, I am a married man, I have children and grandchildren and a passion that I try to transmit to the world, take the Gospel to every man of good will who wants to look for Christ, to help him to encontralo and as a result to be an instrument of the Providence so that finally, that one that finds it loves him with all his soul, for his good and for my good. Jesus Christ says that in the house of his Father, of our Father, in the sky, there are many residences, so many people like bona fide men are predestined to occupy them at the end of his days. I am a son of the catholic Church and in her I want to live and die. Facing the end of my way, sleep, in Hope, with the definitive hug with my Father God, understanding that in his infinite arms there fit other children of his Compassion who acted according to the good will of his beliefs, which are not mine but which I respect deeply. Between two that love Christ with all his soul there cannot be a separation flatly unbeatable. In practice of the love to God and to the man they can go away for different ways, but for me, the regulatory way, it is reserved for the Catholic Church as his Teaching teaches it.

 Jorge A. It ironed of Argentina (June 17, 2007)
 Dear Hermano in Christ: Long ago that wanted to write to you. Today finally I do it. I also was a Technical Engineer, now I am a Deacon. I would like that we could share our own experiences technician / religious. If you have time, I will be grateful write to my mail. It is very important for me since it does not prove, as they believe many, that the Faith and The Science and / or applied Skills, where everything believes as we could demonstrate it rationally; and the Faith do not go of the hand. Nevertheless although everything what we have and are is a GOD'S DON. The today reading on the sinner, describes us to all the inhabitants of the ground. The reflection is very good. One would like that we could discover the FAITH (That is to believe without seeing), it is possible to go so far as to demonstrate rationally. It would be very good for all, especially for those who say not to believe in anything. Particularly I think that it is not possible not to believe that anybody was the orígen of the universe. It is also a sorrow that many people do not meet Jesus Christ, our Gentleman I believe that if it is a will of the Father we could help ourselves to tell in rational form, some of the things that they believe for Faith, collaborating with Christ like ápóstoles, and serve to the Gentleman to bring over more to sheep to the corral, where they will be able to meet JESUS and of course to GOD and collaborate in the God's plan. A hug in Christ and in Maria always Virgin.
 Thank you, friendly Jorge, thank you very much for your comment, companion. So if, as you say, the reason and the Faith do not have why to be opposite. We, that we have exercised the technical profession, before the facts that the Gospel reports us, come to conclusions that are based on the faith like believers and on the logic as the perspective of the technical pragmatism with which we have developed our work of every day. To resuscitate a corpse as that of Lazarus, who was already corrupted, to the imperative order of Christ's word, reveals, with absolute rotundity, that I am before the God in whom I move and exist in spite of only applying the reason in an organized manner. If I give divine credit to this one Man, who in addition to being Dios is a Man as I less in the sin, I will always believe in his word, of luck that if this one word says to me that any of He is in a bit of consecrated Bread, since I will not have any doubt that this way it is and for it, now, what I will have to put in game it is the Faith over the reason, and with this one Faith, friendly Jorge, I will take up office with all my soul that when this consecrated Bread pleased, with flavor to bread, what truly I am pleasing is not not any more nor less than the body, the soul and the divinity of my Gentleman you and I, friend Jorge, we eat up to our God in such a way that a human being can do it, in the form with which our Creator and Redeemer has arranged it. It deceives itself it does not even cheat us, his divinity has demonstrated us rationally (how can he know that in the mouth of the first fish that stings in a fishhook there is a currency of certain value?) . If He makes sure me that He is in the Bread of the Mass, in the Bread of the Tabernacle: Why am I going to doubt?

 NELSON FERRUFINO of Bolivia (May 30, 2007)
 Very dear Nelson: I am grateful to him indeed for his comment. I also thank God for contributing that the good men of any part of the world meet Jesus, love him and follow him. What more can I wish? Of to knowing this Page to other persons who should not know it. They are waiting for it, it will very be right.

 luis amarildo brave mine of Colombia (April 29, 2007)
 I am very satisfied with this page. That God was the one that put wanting how doing. Thanks for everything.
 Friend Luis. I am grateful for his comment like one of the best, because it is not possible to tell any more truth with less words. Like that it is, my friend, God has put wanting and doing. And if God has put wanting and doing on this page, this means that the good seed of the Gospel is already sowed and my complete task. Blessed is God and blessed are his words, friendly Luis.

 Napoleón Zúniga of Nicaragua (April 21, 2007)
 Rafael: My dear friend that God fills it with Blessings and with major virtues, his alone work can come from a person compromised seriously with the missionary work of God, I have read or dress other works, but his was done with very much love and passion by the God's things, also it gives us the opportunity to gain access to him, I ask him a similar work to do on the prophets his missions and sufferings like the case of Sniveller, also on the Holy Spirit, Juan the Baptist is a special case. Friendly farewell, that the Gentleman tries big sastifacciones to you.
 Thank you, friend Napoleón, thanks for your comment. I have been late thirty years in doing what you have already seen and read I have not left any more time to do other things. It is enough to me that Jesus is more well-known and dear. That God blesses you.

 Luis Valenzuela Mozó of Chile (April 06, 2007)
 Hello, it has been up to me to work in this Holy Friday, but the Grace of the Gentleman I am Bendecido with the possibility of navigating and of finding this Big Web page, I thank the God of the Life therefore you have created and for the good that they do. I would like that they were helping me to obtain catholic music (songs in Spanish), since my wife sings and he always likes being renewing. From Chile: THANK YOU!! and that God Blesses them
 Thanks to you, my dear friend Luis. This engineer, from Spain, wishes him the best thing for you and his family. Today it has resuscitated our Gentleman today is a day of happiness that I share with you and with theirs. Of, to knowing what you have liked and it will very be right. They are waiting for it. Everything is free, of everything it is possible to do the copies that love. That God blesses him, friendly Luis.

 BRAVE DARMIRO of Venezuela (March 23, 2007)
 Thank you, Darmiro. Now it touches you. That Christ's love and the love of his Blessed Mother urge the heart and the mind so that it puts the means that are to his scope and makes to come this Page to all those to which he wants to very do good them. They are waiting for it!!! That God bless him.

 juan de México (February 17, 2007)
 This page is good, but I would like that they were putting videos but to see right here on the page not to discharge and the truth is very interesting this page.... greetings...
 Juan, already has all the videos in line. You have only to enter this tie: http://www.jesusrocksyou.net/videosenlinea/ A hug in Christ

 kevin jose of Argentina (January 11, 2007)
 Jesus Christ is a love, he has hope, happiness ect. Jesus Christ changed the life to me xke I had a very serious illness and Jesus kizo ke was living and the vida.x returned me that I am Christian and xke kreo ke God, Jesus and the saints exist... chau
 Very well, friendly Kevin. It announces this page to your friends and you will very be right in them because the one who more meets Jesus Christ more loves him. It pulsates in the directions that you see next and later touches to "Discharge". He always accepts and you will have the Book and the Video in your computer. http://www.jesusrocksyou.net/archivos_db/AUTO BIOGRAFIAYCOMENTARIOS.pdf http://www.jesusrocksyou.net/video/#pp

 Juan Manuel San Nicolás Calatayud of Spain (December 27, 2006)
 To D. Rafael García Ramos. Of coincidence I have found his web page with images and videos of the Gospels. My wife and I request his authorization to use them in the formation chats catequética of adults in the Parish of The Campello (Alicante) that we give together with a team of secular and the Vicar of the Parish. The didactic value is magnificent and exegético of his work careful and patiently prepared in addition to very useful for the evangelización that, like secular, it is up to us to do. Congratulations and do not get tired of being right. Greetings. Juan Manuel San Nicolás
 Dear D. Juan Manuel: Everything what exists in the web www.jesusrocksyou.net is of public domain, that is to say, everything is free. But for major safety, with these letters I confirm to him my authorization so that it should do all the copies that it creates opportunely. If it finds difficulty to lower some files of the Network he communicates it to me giving me his post office address and it will receive in his domicile, without any expense, the CD and the DVD that contains all the works that exist in the Web. I repeat him, my friend, that everything is free if in turn, as this way I understand, you distribute it free also. The Gospel is a patrimony of every woman and of every man of good will. I make the most of the opportunity to send to him a Christmas file with my best desires of Peace and Happiness for you, for his wife, for his children... for all of theirs. Cordial greetings Rafael García Ramos

 jesus ortiz teran of Mexico (December 17, 2006)
 Thank you, Jesus. Your comment is born in mind. Some day, not very distant, you will be able to see in your computer for what you ask.

 Thanks to you, very dear Luis Humberto. It announces this page and you will very be right. They are waiting for it.

 E. Couple of Panama (November 27, 2006)
 Firstly congratulations for dedicating the time perhaps and more profitable that it exists that he is The Gentleman the principal motive that he makes me write is of giving testimony and thanks to God sharing what I feel in the heart. I have happened in really difficult moments in the life, if I say this it is to take shape that, as there said to me once a wise man that I met "... God speaks about many ways, but he always speaks..." . Across this page Gentleman, I thank you for the mind has opened and although I have been and keep on being a sinner have learned that your compassion is infinite and that your blessings never stop. Pardon joined for using his page like prayer way, but really I feel that I have great why to thank. I am useful to do to him after to come you a message of breath and congratulations for have reached with his book a goal that I am sure it did not prove for anything easily, nevertheless I am sure that well it has cost and it will be worth while. I stay at your service.
 Dear friend, my dear friend, I sign his words and the truth that they express like the prayer of a man already tanned by the life. To use my page to capture a prayer is honest, of a man's sincere heart, it is my award. Friend has paid to me fully, good is worth while having contribuído, with this modest work, to which his sacred reflection remains written forever and in view of many. God uses of an instrument as useless as it is me who is, for me, there goes over to big hearts like the one that you hoard, a heart that has given us an immense lesson of Faith and humility of the good one, of this so scarce virtue in the times that they cover. A hug in Christ.

 JOSE LEONARDO LAMB of Nicaragua (November 26, 2006)
 This page is a blessing for the Church and his children.
 The blessing of the Church is to have children like you, darling José Leonardo.

 Pau Reollo of Spain (November 22, 2006)
 Brilliant, the book what it has done is to strengthen my faith. And I have decided to enter the Monastery of Santa Maria of Poblet. It belongs to the Cistercian Order, it is in Spain, Barcelona.
 Friend and brother Pau: Tomorrow I go out of trip and do not want to delay to answer your comment. That God blesses you, that God illuminates you, that God helps you and that God you of the permanent happiness of serving to him only to. Your friendship me is worth a fortune, do enter this Web, read it and contemplate everything. Do write to me, friend Pau. Put your vocation in hands of the Virgin, share with her your happiness.

 Roberto Bravo Úbeda of Chile (November 13, 2006)
 A beautiful vocation is the one that impels you to spread this work. Today newly I found out about her on having been look for images in the network. I promise to read the book that I will lower. I am a teacher of religion of santiago de Chile. Roberto Bravo Úbeda
 Dear Roberto: I am grateful for your message. This Book, which you promise to read, is the Gospel Reconciled chronologically and written in the first Person, that is to say, written by the same Christ. With this I have treated that the Gospel is read in a different way, in a more intimate way. I claim that the reader feels addressed by the most Beautiful of the men, by the God's Son, that know it better and consequently that loves it more and better. Very well, Roberto, I am glad to meet you and now you will see that below I put a direction to you so that, if you want, you enter her and unburden yourself the file in Power Point who reports the Life of Jesus Christ to you in 20 minutes. You will see with certain animation and a beautiful music what you have contemplated only in images. If you have a portable one and a cannon to project this movie you will be able to do that your pupils, with only less than the half that is taken in teaching, know the whole life of Jesus Christ. I make sure you that they all will remain "touched", they will forget not neither to his teacher nor the movie that, one day, D. Roberto projected them on the Author of the life. http://www.jesusrocksyou.net/video/#pp Everything what exists in the web www.jesusrocksyou.net is free, therefore everything is at your disposal for you, for your companions, for your friends, for your family, for all those that you him want to very be right. They are waiting for it, friendly Roberto. I authorize you, from now on everything is yours.

 carlos enrique peace copse of Guatemala (November 10, 2006)
 Greetings. I congratulate them on the page, it is the best.
 Thank you, friendly Carlos. Announce it. They are waiting for it.

 Othon of Mexico (November 01, 2006)
 Friend Othon, his comment pays fully the more or less costly fatigue with which I have tried to make to meet his Gentleman and my Gentleman, Jesus Christ. Gratifying what does his friendship turn out to be to me. Good what to have partners who go next to you in this gait towards the house of the Father. That God blesses him, that my Autobiografiado pays it to itself like The one Who is. Thanks a lot.

 V. Rodolfo Esqueda Siordia Of Mexico (September 25, 2006)
 Today, for the first time I entered to his page. A lot of congratulations. How do I can optener any of the things that you offer free to be able then to give the material to the prisoners since I collaborate in the pastoral catholic penitentiary of Low California? Thanks for his support.
 Much estimao Rodolfo: I confirm him that everything what exists in the Web: www.jesusrocksyou.net it is free and it can lower his computer and do all the copies wants. I authorize him. You if it has computer in the penitentiary, can see the videos that are free. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUS CHRIST can lower the Book and print it. I suggest him that between on the principal page and to the right there will see the image of the Virgin of Guadeloupe. Click in this image and a menu will be opened to him with slides POWER. unload them to his computer and later teach them to the prisoners. Click in Christ's image that exists to the right on that of the Virgin and a Video will find in POWER that Christ will show him the whole life in 20 minutes. A hug in Christ, friend Rodolfo.

 Candelario Pech Perez of Mexico (September 21, 2006)
 It had not seen anything so beautiful in Internet. Congratulations and that GOD the vendiga. Receive greetings of my family (my father is the minister of the word in the common land new Pital Carmen Campeche. I wait for his answer
 Much estimated Candelario: I am grateful, indeed, for his comment and the greetings of his family to which the same way I send the greeting of mine from Spain. Very well, Candelario. Now, if you want to help me, if you want to help Christ announce this Web page www.jesusrocksyou.net to all your friends, to everything that you could. you will very be right in him. They are waiting for it. Thank you, again, friend Candelario.

 Edgar Hernán Cetina Ortegón of Mexico (August 29, 2006)
 There are very useful and informative works. Very edifying
 Announce them. You will very be right. They are waiting for it

 karla vanegas of Nicaragua (August 29, 2006)
 I like very much this place
 Announce it. They are waiting for it. You will very be right.

 alfredo martinez M. of Chile (August 21, 2006)
 He needed a few drawings for a power point, and after much to look I found them here. Thank you, and that Christ Vivo remains with you forever. PEACE AND GOOD... (OF COLORS; OF COURSE...)
 Alfredo: I am glad that this Web: www.jesusrocksyou.net it has served to you. Announce it and you will very be right.

 Gustavo Aristeguieta Lafluf of Ecuador (August 10, 2006)
 Hello, Rafael congratulated you and I cheer you up to that you go forward, I like very much your page, and I identify with you, because also I am a layman who created faithfully in our Church, our Mother. I write to you from the Ecuador to be weighed that I am born in the Uruguay, and really I learn much of your comments. A strong hug in Christ Jesus, our Gentleman forever. I cheer up and many blessings. Gustavo Aristeguieta.
 Your comment makes me happy. friend Gustavo, it makes me happy because you write to me as if we should know each other everlasting and I like this. I claim that this page, where you have found me, is the tie of our incipient friendship. The Church needs faithful children how this way you describe yourself. Blessed be and blessed is your family that is lucky to have you in his bosom. Do you want to help me?. since... forward, do all the possible because this page, which so much you like, is known for many other. They are waiting for it but they do not know it. It is so simple! Everything is free! You will very be right.

 Carlos Eduardo Vega A. of El Salvador (August 10, 2006)
 I congratulate them on so excellent WEB page, believe that this type of WEB is worth while recommending it.
 Very dear Carlos Eduardo, I am grateful to him for his comment and he does not know what there makes happy to me his intention of recommending this Web. The Gospel is a patrimony of the whole humanity and you can help me, as you could, that Jesus Christ is known and as a result loved. It is a tax of gratitude that we owe to the God's Son that is, excited, calling at the edge of the heart of every woman and of every man who wants to receive it.

 Maria Teresa Garcia Sanchez of Spain (August 09, 2006)
 Dad, is marvelous the gift and the time that you have to make ministry this way so original. I alone can thank you for the life and for the gift so big that you have left me, the "FAITH", I will try to do the same with your present and future grandchildren. A kiss.
 Like that it is, my dear daughter, Maria Teresa, the most important patrimony that left you in heredity is the Faith. As well you say, it will be the best thing that, in turn, you will leave in heredity to your children, my beautiful grandchildren. This Web is a window that, if you open it, you will leave that between in your soul a puff of pure and fresh air, you will see closely the most beautiful scenery and in the center the Person of Jesus Christ, the Author of your life and of mine, our last destination, the only reason that gives sense to him to our small existence with his fatigue and his family happy moments.

 Amancio Suarez Lasarte of Peru (August 09, 2006)
 That good formation has had to have you, my friend, to write this beautiful book, and the familiar help, and especially of his wife, to be thrown to this adventure, I on the other hand, when I have proposed to do ministry of any type I have been with something of rejection on the part of my wife, and have not known that to do, although for me, sincerely, I have preferred that the things are in peace, then, sincerely, she is a good wife. What does he advise me? Thanks.
 Dear Amancio: God asks us only for the fulfillment of the duty according to our state. Sure that, for doing ministry, God will not ask him to leave the family. The ministry does with the example the others to itself of an honest life, sacrificed for supporting the family, the house, his house, that of his wife, that of his children. God does not ask us any more. For this duty, friend Amancio, you will need a certain time. I am sure that in the exercise of his familiar life there him will remain some minutes and these if that can be alone for God, for Jesus Christ. A moment of prayer every day, the rosary, the reading of the gospel, alone five minutes, etc... With this ministry of the good one is done, if this way it puts the intention. Does he want to make a ministry big? Does he want to evangelize from his office?... since, it has it very easy, do that this beautiful book (as this way you define) HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUS CHRIST, I came to the maximum from persons. Everything is free in the Web www.jesusrocksyou.net Friend Amancio, to end, I suggest him to read the articles about the page where it has found me. For example, read: To detest the father, the mother, the woman, the children...? Between in the Articles paragraph, there it will see many that are destined for the woman, for example: TO BE BORN AGAIN, etc... Do all the possible because his wife reads these articles, entrusts his family to Virgin Mary and that God blesses them. A hug in Christ for all.

 juvenile group kerygma of Guatemala (July 30, 2006)
 Greetings, from Guatemala. I am going to read this book and treat of adapatarlo for conversations the young people. That God Blesses them, atte.
 Very well, darlings friends. The Book that you are going to read is THE RECONCILED GOSPEL, it is the Gospel reported by the same Christ, that's why the tú‘ulo is: AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUS CHRIST. Since you already will know an autobiografú} it is the life of a person told by itself. Who can report the Life of Jesus Christ to us with major Truth than himself? This is a big opportunity to understand The Gospel, a privilege that you have in your hands so that you it do way, truth and life of your lives. Is there any other book more important than The Gospel? Truth that not? The Gentleman has given you this Book, because as for the salvation of your souls nothing happens for hazard. The ready ha, for ages, that this Book will come to you so that you meet him better and therefore you love him more. And quEtenéis that to do?... since, to read slowly, pondering it in your heart, in the ú‹timos moment moments in that you are only tEy God. And later...: quEhe of doing?. . Do so many copies of this Book as you prune and to make them come to any that one that does not meet completely Christ, you will very be right. To tell him to the people what the Gentleman has said to you in the serene reading of this Book. They are waiting for you!! Asking is good, that's why if you do not understand anything to ask the priest of your parish for advice and if you it do not have close to write myself so many times how you create opportunely. A hug for all in Christ. That God blesses you.

 justino rivera of Peru (July 19, 2006)
 Really there is very finished the whole material of the Sacred Book of Life, which presents us. Thanks to God and you for having illuminated them and we are allowed to have access. Thank you that God blesses them.
 Thanks to you, dear Justino. Since he could have observed everything it is free in this Web. Everything can lower his computer, of everything it can do copies. Make to come these works to the whole person who could, it will very be right. They are waiting for it. Everything is free. The Gospel is a patrimony of every woman and of every man who wants to receive it. Justino, God wants to announce for this half (Internet) that it makes possible that the men transmit the Faith and the Hope. Cordial greetings Rafael García Ramos

 manuel angel ceretti (son) of Argentina (June 29, 2006)
 Thanks for your contribution to the Christendom, your book will be made use by humble many people who do not have access to Internet. I raise my prayers as I join in Christ so that it keeps on illuminating your work.
 Thank you very much, Manuel Angel. This was my intention, that the Book, The Gospel, is a patrimony of the whole humanity, but especially of the humble ones, of the neediest. Will you help me? Will you help Christ?

 EDUARDO GASCON EXECUTIONER of Mexico (June 28, 2006)
 I am grateful to them for the oprtunidad of being provided with this valuable book, do prayer so that it produces the fruits that I wish the one who wrote it.
 I am grateful to him for his comment D. Eduardo. This Book is The Reconciled Gospel, make it come to everything the one that could, it will very be right in him.

 Mr. Ing. Don Rafael: That God continues illuminating his mind, there preserves the fortitude and this serious and deep love Jesus Christ and the biggest sign of his presence between us: His Church, Mother and Teacher dispensing of the sacramental life. I entrust to myself to his oraciòn for my priesthood (Thursday, the 29th seràn 17 years of departments) I am satisfied with the way neo-catecumenal in the Parish (we have 7 communities) to m ì I have been helped by the way and the brothers. Fìo of my forces, I want to take a life in love and obedience to Jesus Christ, God who is very well, grants this grace. The Employer is Working San Jose and we do not separate it from our Mother of the sky. On Friday, the 23rd we had a beautiful celebraciòn of Sacred Corazòn de Jesùs and shortly we will have primeraas communions. I admire his work and his love to the Church. La Paz of Jesùs always accompanies him.
 D. Alejandro, today, I congratulate day of San Pedro these 17 years of very being right to many. My Autobiografiado will pay it to itself like The one Who is. The way Neo-Catecumenal is a very good way of the Church that is a Mother, a Mother who meets well his children. I already entrust him in my prayers, encomiéndem to me in his Mass of every day. I will always be grateful for it.

 Diego Juárez of Guatemala (June 27, 2006)
 It is a very encouraging page, which allows us reacernos spiritually, and which leads us towards the search of an ideal of holiness. Agradesco to the authors the care and determination for publishing this page, that God Father should keep on illuminating them for intercession of our Maria Madre. That God blesses them. And forward.
 Thank you D. Diego. Now when it touches it is to make to come this Web to all those who are waiting for it. This depends on you, D. Diego. Do all that is in his hand so that we help others to him in the way of the holiness that is not different that of the fulfillment of the duty according to the state of each one. To work well, as a good son works for his Father, thinking that one works for God is the form more easy to become a saint. Truth D. Diego?

 Manuel Espinosa Montero of Mexico (June 14, 2006)
 Thank you very much for supporting to my department.
 Thank you very much to you for exercising it. D. Manuel, never, like today, he has needed the priests' Church that they fulfill with his sacred duty, with his sacred department. Blessed is God if with the modest work of this engineer he feels supported to exercise the imperative order of Christ: to love and to preach the Gospel. My Autobiografiado will pay it to itself like The one Who is.

 Marcos Pereira of the United States (June 13, 2006)
 I congratulate you on your articles and on the book Autobiography, it is very interesting. We hope that you should keep on doing this wonderful work.
 Thank you, D. Marcos. I am sure that it has understood me. I ask him this work to make come to many others, to all that it could, for glory of Our Mister Jesus Christ. Many people are waiting for it. Thank you again D. Marcos.

 Raul Alberto of Argentina (June 06, 2006)
 I am glad, Raúl, am glad that this work seems good to you. I am grateful to you for your comment and beg you that you make know to others what you have found free.

 José Luis Córdova Bautista of Mexico (June 05, 2006)
 I have always said that God never leaves us and there will always be persons who make Christ's word his, to give it to know and to understand better.
 My dear friend: this way, since it sounds, "my dear friend": How this comment comforts me! God blesses you, to you and to all your family, this family that will be proud to have in his bosom a man of so big heart. God blesses you José Luis.

 Ervino Osvaldo Gass of Argentina (June 03, 2006)
 I have discovered today the page. It performs a lot of good for all the Christians. Congratulations
 Dear Ervino: I am grateful to him for his comment. Transmit this good making possible that many others know this Web.

 Lover Perez Vega of Mexico (May 27, 2006)
 That God blesses his works and thanks for giving these opportunities for our growth, in asercarnos to CHRIST.
 Thanks to you, friend Amador, for his comment. I ask him to make participants his relatives and friends of what it has found in the network. The Gospel reported by the same Christ. It will very be right. God will pay it to himself.

 Yago García Sánchez of Spain (May 25, 2006)
 Only this web might have occurred to a Love madman, thanks for every dad.
 It is you who are my madness. Thanks for every of my sons.

 Revdo Deacon José M. Román of Puerto Rico (May 02, 2006)
 Much estimated D. José: Thanks for his comment. Since he will have verified everything it is free in this Web. Here it will find the reflections of a Catholic that it loves, passionately, to his Church, as Vd. the mistress. Make possible that this page comes to many other persons. They are waiting for it, it is sure that my Autobiografiado will pay it to itself like The one Who is. From Spain receive a cordial greeting and my respect. That God blesses him. Rafael García

 joseisaacpolopopez of Peru (April 22, 2006)
 I join not where to start, but I will say to them that I belong to the Church Maria Auxiliadora. I am in pasture and I like sending messages to my brothers on Jesus Christ, messages and histories, but I do not have already any more. I would like that conpartan with me some messages and to if I to be able to share with my brothers of the parish. One would be grateful for them much that God takes care of them. Baybay, if his histories and messages came is that my message came.
 Very well Jose: Everything what exists in the Web where I am encotrado is free. Lower it to your computer, you do the copies that you want and distribute them between your brothers and friends. A hug in Christ

 DEAR BROTHER: For work and God's grace I find at random on a magic page, this book that at first sight is made exclusively very interesting to me, allow me to mention to yourself that of a time to this part me a desperation was born for knowing more of the life and work of our Mister Jesus Christ, this book undoubtedly will allow to like and satisfy this knowledge thirst; I am grateful infinitely for this contribution.
 Very well, Angel Eduardo. Now when I want with all my soul the fact is that, efectívamente, you take pleasure in Christ's love and that also you do all the possible so that others find it for you. Make to come to your friends, whom you love well, this immense gift, a privilege, which has come to you free.

 ALBERTO C SODA of Argentina (April 15, 2006)
 Rafael, I am grateful to him infinitely for this book that it has given us, it is one more tool to be able to announce our Mister Jesus Christ, to any that one that still does not know it. That God blesses it.
 Dear Alberto: Thank you very much for his comment. Of this, precisely, it is of what it is a question, of announcing Jesus Christ and waking up the love to his Person in every woman and man of good will. Now, my good friend Alberto, makes possible that others benefit from this beautiful gift. Let his friends know about it all those that he considers opportune. Be sure that it will not do another more valuable ragalo. Everything is free in the Web where it has found me.

 FLAVIO SANCHEZ of Peru (April 09, 2006)
 Dear FLavio: Thanks for your deep comment. Blessed is who blesses me of heart, of big heart like yours. Thank you, friendly Flavio

 prosperous eugenio Yauri quintana of Peru (April 05, 2006)
 My cordial greeting from the new continent, firstly and seguidamente to show that a gift of the Gentleman is this section of catholic.net I Am really astonished, because it is the first time that I deposit to this page and section and is something celestial. That the gentleman keeps on using you so that we fill more and more of the MASTER OF THE LIFE, That God keeps on doing more works by means of all of you and also of me. Amen
 Thank you Eugenio. Now it touches you to make to come this Web to all your dear beings, to all your friends, to all want them well. They are waiting for it! Thank you Eugenio.

 Miguel Javier Timóteo y Salaverría of Portugal (April 04, 2006)
 Brother Rafael: There are no words... Thank you! His, in Christ, Miguel (Basque in Lisbon)
 Friend Miguel: Thanks for your comment, especially therefore you feel and do not say. Thanks. Make to know this page to every person that you should want, it will very be right in him. They are waiting for it. A hug in Christ

 On these pages it has been said about everything, I believe that with them, the sky enters my heart. The divinity of the sky, it does that it tries to walk every day, in God's grace, to love more God and my brothers the men, be who are. We have so many means...! we cannot get weak! we have the truth!, and this truth makes us free. Is there bigger and beautiful thing...? to feel: and we it are, God's real children!, that it has loved us up to his bloody sacrifice in the Cross, this Cross, that sometimes it is difficult to us to go so much... Santa Maria, help us...: you beautiful between the beautiful ones, help us to come up to your Son...! blessed be...!!
 My good friend Manuel: It is not possible to say any more in less words. This your, so beautiful comment, it will stay forever in this Web and many persons will read it and it will very be right. That God pays it to you, friendly Manuel!

 I am 58 years old, am celibate, in my youth, at the age of 20, I considered to serve and follow God. My vocation was not "like fireworks" that rise, you see the colors, you see it nice that are and disappear. No, my call, or vocation, wine, first because God called me because The quiso, not for my poor merits, which were void... called at the edge of my heart, I thought that... I prayed... allowed myself to guide...: I reacted! and with difficulties, errors and questions and questions, without knowing that I was passing... I went so far as to fall ill... there in my bed, in the quietude of my bedroom I "saw" clearly what God, my Love, wanted of me... not me apart from the world... since then and till then, I remain in him... but my life changed, with a semillita that God put in my mind and in my heart... young. A work, a fiancée... I left everything, it was difficult to me to understand it. . they have happened many years since then, I put my hands on the plow and I keep on opening a rut in a fertile ground, I am the mule that puts the force, I do not look for behind, behind they continue and they are still friends, that I try to come to his hearts. You will ask me about two things, if it costs sacrifices and if it is worth while... I will answer you yes, there is sacrifio, but yes: be worth while...!!! it give everything, not to have anything yours... God, the others and you... in this order, does that although I take 14 years with an illness of serious depression, I get up in the mornings and repeat myself every day: thank you Gentleman, because you have called me...!!! and you I will say young man, I speak to you... nothing is, it is possible to compare nothing to see the face of the Nazarene, to be confessed and to receive it in the Holy Mass. . in addition to a lot of "madnesses of love" that the Church sends to us so that following our queridisimo Pope Benedicto XVI, our spiritual food, it satisfies us until the day of our death, I will end up by stressing, that: I am happy, very happy! since I said: if!!!
 My friend: This is your fortune gained from the suffering, from this you to endure close friend that we will not understand many, but you are rich, very lucky, because the God of Gethsemane has chosen you of between all the men so that you accompany him in his infinite sorrow. But now, my friend, has to rest, look at the beautiful sky that every day the Gentleman gives you. Peace, my friend, to live through the ordinary life of every day with the feet in the soil exercising the task that corresponds to you in your profession. It is worth while delivering to the Gentleman soul, life and heart, but also he is worth while living through this beautiful life with the men of our time. Fortitude, my friend, go out to the street and you will see the beautiful color of this life, which God wants that you live. He has not to suffer already, has to savor the small details that the world offers you in the simple one and descomplicado exercise of the existence.

 MARTIN GONZALEZ of Mexico (March 14, 2006)
 Thanks for this reading.
 Friend Martín: In the God's things the hazard does not exist. This reading has come to you because the Gentleman has had this deference with you. Everything has been free for you. Will you do that it is possible that this reading comes also, of the same form, to your relatives, to your friends, to all that you could...?

 Josue Benavides of Honduras (March 14, 2006)
 I am, filled with enthusiasm with the book to keep on learning and then to transmit it to the others. I am grateful to him of corazòn for his valuable colaboraciòn. That God and Virgin Mary blesses them.
 Very well Josue, that is well, that the Virgin blesses us. Now it touches you. Do all the possible so that this Book that is The Gospel reported by the same Christ comes to many people. they are waiting for it!!!

 José Hernández Sepúlveda of Mexico (March 09, 2006)
 I congratulate the author, who illuminated by the Holy Spirit, has received the aptitude to present this mágnifica to us it acts.
 Thank you D. José. That God blesses him. Now the witness is in his hands. Everything what exists in the Web, where it has found me, everything is his. Now make it come up to where his heart and his means allow him, make it come to so many people and so many people that are waiting for it. My Autobiografiado will pay it to itself like The one Who is.

 Javier Latorre of Argentina (March 05, 2006)
 Congratulations and thanks for the engravings that will allow to illustrate our pág.web www.sordoscatolicos.org. It is known that the deaf persons we take a very visual culture as what the God's Word will be richer in the visual thing. A hug in Christ and in the Virgin.
 Very well, Javier. It is said that "An image convinces more than thousand words". Nevertheless it is my intention that it reads more that is seen, that's why I invite you to to read the "Autobiography of Jesus Christ", the Life of God counted by himself. What does Javier look like to you? You will hear, clearly, the Gentleman in the silence of the intimacy of your soul. A hug for all.

 Felix Urbano Mendez of Mexico (March 02, 2006)
 Very interesting and of big profit
 Thank you D. Félix. make it come to others, they are waiting for it.

 VICTOR MANUEL ARTEAGA MENDOZA of Mexico (February 25, 2006)
 This message must come to all the corners of the Universe. MY GENTLEMAN MY GOD.
 I agree with you, friend Victor. With your Faith and mine the fruit of this work will come to all the corners of the world. Spread it because there are many who are waiting for it.

 Luis Moya of Costa Rica (February 24, 2006)
 Congratulations for this big page, of a lot of interest and principally for his content.
 Thank you, friendly Luis. announce it and you and it is me who will very be right.

 Martín López Beltrán of Mexico (February 16, 2006)
 It is wonderful that someone takes the time to reconcile the Gospels because sometimes we need the only text reconciled for the catechesis especially from those persons who do not want to read very much or who easily make a mistake with what they read. Thousand thank you and that God blesses it and this knowledge takes care of him to do this service, bendidiones thousand for you and theirs.
 Dear Martín: I am grateful to him for his comment and am glad to appreciate that Vd. has understood very well the message. It is a question of making the reading of the Gospel more attractive. Nobody who reads the Gospel remains impassive, I make sure him that it will end “tocado ” and will meet the Way, The Truth and La Vida who is Jesus Christ, hidden Treasure that it is necessary to put within reach of many, Perla Preciosa for whose property one is capable of changing life. This Book has come to his hands of a free way, of the same way make it come to all that it could and it will help the Author of the life, my Autobiografiado that will pay to him like The one Who is.

 José Luis Zurita Abril of Spain (February 12, 2006)
 It has been years since I know the book and I have always needed it... Thank you... Now I want to ask them for a favor: If they could send to me the musical (Habanera) that he accompanies to the introduction video, one would be grateful for it in the soul. Only to order the music file. Thanks for moved forward. I am a Barefooted Carmelite priest.

 Román González Sandoval of Mexico (February 11, 2006)
 Congratulations for this work so beautiful that it will help me in my ministry
 Román: Make it meet your famila, your friends, all that you could and you will very be right.

 Jaime Mejia of El Salvador (February 09, 2006)
 Thanks for arranging for each of us these pretty educations that feed our spiritual life, that God spills many blessings... amen
 Friend Jaime: It does not cost anything and nevertheless it costs the life. Many people are waiting for what Vd. has received free. There makes come The Gospel reported by the same Christ to all the persons who could. It will very be right.

 José Serrano Alvarez of Spain (February 09, 2006)
 Mr. congratulated him. Engineer for such a magisterial form with which he comments on the Gospels. I have already read several of them and almost all of them have been sent by me to my partners and friends. I believe that you more than an engineer are a Literature Nobel Prize. Keep on writing, some articles are little lengths but it become short of well narrated that are. My blessings. A hug.
 Estimated friendly: I am grateful for his comment but especially I am grateful to him deeply that has made know page is in other partners and friends who in turn will be able to make come the Gospel reported by the same Christ to many who are waiting for it. It is free, it does not cost anything and nevertheless it costs just the life.

 ROLMAN RAMON HERNANDEZ MISCELLANY of Nicaragua (January 12, 2006)
 I am grateful to catholic.net and to the author of this valuable book the oprtunidad that they offer to us of possessing a valuable "free" copy of this book that treats with regard to the Gospels and making use like an instrument that reaches port to the increase of our Faith. Thanks.
 That is as you say, friend Rolman because this way it is as I want.

 w of Spain (January 07, 2006)
 "To die and to resuscitate two times". I have liked very much and the very good final farewell THAT GOD BLESSES US

 MANUEL VAZQUEZ of Venezuela (January 05, 2006)
 Hello, a cordial greeting from Venezuela, did I want to ask them if there is some way of buying the printed book?????? good thank you and that God blesses them....
 Friend Manuel: We are studying this possibility. In any case to print the Book is very simple. It is printed on four pages by two faces of a sheet of paper A4. A hug.

 Francisco Jiménez Fermín of Venezuela (January 05, 2006)
 When I read it I will give my comments
 Friend Francisco: The Book that Vd. is going to read, if he wants, is simply The Reconciled Gospel written in the first Person, that is to say in an autobiographical way. I have added nothing that should not be a few words to accommodate the canonical text to the autobiographical writing. Later, in the same Web, you will be able to observe that there are some comments of the author, this servant who writes to him, who are a product of personal reflections as my loyal knowledge and to understand, what there understands a normal man, a family father who tries to transmit the Faith of his biggest. I am interested in very much his opinion and comment, of course. He have left, then, steadfastness of my gratitude in the time that he is going to use in this need and likewise, he have left, also, steadfastness of which I am trying to make possible that The Gospel comes in all his integrity to the hands of the one who wants to read it otherwise. I look, violently, that the reading of the Gospel is, if the expression more attractive to the reader is allowed me. Nobody who has read it remains impassive. Really more it is sure that that one who reads it finished stays “tocado ” because in The Gospel there is the whole life, the only and real life. The work that it already has in his hands, my good friend Francisco, interlaces chronologically the Synoptic ones and Saint John of such luck that this way you read the finished Gospel. If only it is read to an Evangelist three remains without the most beautiful Light of others. Now receive a hug in Christ.

 Jesus A. Saldivar E. of Mexico (January 05, 2006)
 I like very much that it is possible to unload this book. Thank you.

 Friend Jesus: That the reading of this Book, The Reconciled Gospel, it does good to him that you wished pra, for all his family. A hug.

 felix sources arrieta of Costa Rica (January 05, 2006)
 Thank you, Felix: Announce it to your family, to your friends, to everything that you could. A hug

 Alejandro Ramirez Lopez of Mexico (January 05, 2006)
 It seems to me that it is a too productive material. Thank you
 Very well, Alejandro. That this Book is productive, also, for all those that you meet and want to give him The Way, The Truth and La Vida. A hug.

 javier of lion of Mexico (January 05, 2006)
 It looks like to me much an unamble and reasonably the read on this page.
 Very well Javier: So if this way it seems to you: why do not you make her come to many others? They are waiting for it. A hug.

 Humberto de Jesus Lopez of El Salvador (January 05, 2006)
 Thanks for collaborating in the expansiòn of the knowledge and the reign of Our Mister Jesus, for the Glory of the Father.
 Thanks to you Humberto. It transmits what free you have received. A hug.

 Ranny Jimenez of Venezuela (January 05, 2006)
 An exceptional book
 Thank you very much, Ranny. make it come to others as atí it has come to you.

 Profr. Jorge Gpe. Heron Rivera of Mexico (January 05, 2006)
 Rafael: My family and I Belong to a Mexican movement with recognition eclesial that is called Auctioneers of the Word that has scarcely 20 years of existence and which próposito is the same lglesia end, that is to say, to Collaborate in the evangelización and consecration of the men and to form cristianamente his consciences, in order that they are capable of imbuing the evangelical spirit in the different communities and ambiences (Vat II) therefore, our charisma and department is to present a living and resuscitated Christ, of such luck that his book might become a good tool to go so far as to know better, the facts and words of Áquel that, for love, delivered his life for us. that God blesses it abundantly and it is filled of thank you that in this moment more needs. Profr. Jorge Gpe. Heron Rivera and Family

 Rafael Martinez of Bolivia (January 05, 2006)
 I am grateful to him for his work, really it serves to me

 jesus's jose caves manjarrez of Mexico (January 05, 2006)
 It has been also a big surprise to find this place devoted to God, today after a heavy week of work, to travel and to be far from the family has been comforting in addition to that I am learning to use this tool, all the means are god's ways and me and felt closer to the Gentleman for intermediation of Virgin Mary of who I am devout.

 ismael hernandez hernandez of Mexico (January 05, 2006)
 Thanks for sharing this book

 rudith crowned geoffroy de Chile (January 05, 2006)
 It has been very gratifying for me to find this page and this thrills me of being able to have this type of literature, since I want to be able every day to know a little more on our DIVINE TEACHER. thank you

 Ricardo Ortega Tello of Mexico (January 05, 2006)
 It is the First time that I bring in on his page, I found it for covering the page of tms1 and article about his page it attracted me. This book seems interesting, only I read three pages and I am interested

 ofelia mondragon of Mexico (January 05, 2006)
 The power thrills to me very much to read this book it is a way to feel little peace in these instabilities times in the world

 Jorge Alfonso Devoto Vela of Peru (January 05, 2006)
 That the Gentleman blesses them

 jose sheltered bernal oaks of Mexico (January 05, 2006)
 Interesting, formative and consolidante of faith.

 José Maria of the King of Uruguay (January 05, 2006)
 The most important topic of the history.

 Cristina Botte of Argentina (January 05, 2006)
 The articles are very interesting to mention in the parents runion in the catechesis once per month that we have

 Arnaldo Darío Cabrera Troche of Paraguay (January 05, 2006)
 God blesses yours work and I it always accompanied his holy Spirit. Me the concordant program has been useful to scrutinize the Gospels. I would like knowing if they have something similar of the ancient testament. Praised is the Gentleman.

 Nicolas Cerrutti Lajous of Argentina (November 21, 2005)
 I want to transmit to the whole Group of Catholic.net, my eternal gratitude for the service that they offer to all the Catholics in the world. Since I am suscripto, it is my moment of prayer and daily reflection, with Christ's word, which every day helps me in my obligations and in my life. Greetings!

 Bright star Aguilar of Bolivia (October 23, 2005)
 I have interest to be able to use the concordant program, since the book is made interesting to me. Cannot I use the program for a syntax error how to remedy it? Thank you

 LUIS GILBERTO MARKEN I. of Mexico (October 22, 2005)

 GUSTAVO ACOSTA of Honduras (October 14, 2005)
 I COULD NOT LOWER THE BOOK, I die of desire of reading it, I did already of everything and I cannot lower it, for the text convetidor. porfa help me.

 francisco hernandez vidal of Peru (September 17, 2005)
 I am grateful to GOD who gives them the necessary knowledge to realize so pretty work peace and good help me very much for my catechesis work also in my family
 Very well Francisco: Peace and good for your family and for mine. Thanks for your comment.

 Claudio Màrquez Corredor of Venezuela (September 16, 2005)
 That our most dear Father always blesses them and spills his peace on all those who are behind these reflections and writings.
 Very dear Claudio: That God blesses you and to yours. Make to come to your dear beings, to your friends, to all that you want well this that you have liked and have helped you in your spiritual life. Thank you, Claudio.

 Sergio Mario Serra B. of Guatemala (September 13, 2005)
 Rafael: God blesses you infinitely for this ragalo for the world. I will use it in my catechesis works. Extraordinary work you have drunk to God and to the world. I urge you to continue with the gift of the creativity that the Gentleman fulfilled you. Take me into consideration for any future publication. Thank you - Sergio.
 Thanks to you, darling Sergio, because with this comment you pay too the work of so many years to me. God blesses you, friendly Sergio, God blesses you, to your family, to your friends and all that you teach to love with simplicity Jesus Christ in the ordinary one to live of every day, that this is the holiness, friendly Sergio. My Autobiografiado will pay it to you like The one Who is, in his Name it receives my gratitude.

 Raúl López Noriega of Mexico (September 09, 2005)
 I would like the book will be given me: Autobiography of Jesus Christ. They can send it to me to Street Aquiles Serdán No.720 Nte. c.p. 80000. I them go to be grateful, since for me there has not been in the whole world such a wise and so humble man, like Jesus Christ and it is interesting to me to know more to about his life. God blesses them today and always.
 Friend Raúl: The Book has it my easily to manage. Click in "There Unloads the Book" that is under Christ's image (Of the Holy Sheet), pulsates later in accepting and in brief minutes it will have it in his computer.

 Nydia of Colombia (August 31, 2005)
 Good evening, I am grateful to God, for the persons who are behind these pages, which help us very much to our spiritual and personal growth... I love whenever I get connected and encuento topics of so much interest. THAT GOD BLESSES THEM

 Bertha Morán Castillo of Peru (August 24, 2005)
 Congratulations Brothers because of it p. that contains what really is worth while that it is TO MEET GOD AND HIS SON, you prop serves of great help for those who want to know it and extend our FAITH. GOD BLESSES THEM. BERTHA THEY RESIDE CASTLE (PERU)

 Bertha A. Morán Castle of Peru (August 24, 2005)
 My greeting again, a few minutes ago I wrote to them, congratulating them and being grateful to them for this beautiful space, I am a Peruvian and my interest is also to be able to communicate by his way, skylight if it is that one can with brothers of other countries of the MOVEMENT JUAN XXIII, in order to exchange our ideas and to speak or that teach me more of our FATHER YAVÉ and of his Son., Bertha A would be very pretty. from already my gratitude. Morán Castle RETIRISTA MOV.JUAN XXIII (PERU)

 Bertha Angelica of Peru (August 09, 2005)
 Thank you, for giving us the oportunida of FATHER JAVE to be able to Say to God THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE, YOUR DAUGHTER THAT BERTHA LOVES HERSELF

 Prof. Alberto Hou of England (August 09, 2005)
 Mister Rafael, my respects, is an excellent work, which generous is you on having shared it free.
 Dear Teacher: Thanks for his comment. Put this Book in the hands of his pupils, of his friends, of his companions. etc. it they will be grateful for the whole life. Thank you again D. Alberto.

 Manuel Haroldo Pérez Sepúlveda of Chile (August 04, 2005)
 Thanks for the material that they deliver, for me as student for Teacher of Religion has served to me very much. that God blesses them and to they allow to keep on supporting the faith and helping us to deliver the Gospel.
 Manuel, transmits the magnificent gift that you have received. Make it come to your partners, to your family, to your friends of the form that has come to you, free. They are waiting for it. The Gentleman you necestita, Manuel.

 Dora Irene Cardenas of Mexico (July 31, 2005)
 I like very much

 Salvador Rios of Canada (July 26, 2005)
 Much been grateful with this work, I am sure that it will serve to take the God's word to more persons, I already have the book and I am using it very much.
 D. Salvador: The fact that this God's Word comes to more persons depends on Vd. make her come to theirs, to his friends, to his partners, to his friends. They are waiting for it. It does not cost anything, it is necessary only to lower it of the Web or to do copies in CD that so little work will suppose him.

 Alberto Frias of Ecuador (July 25, 2005)
 Excellent work, that God already rewards it I am in charge of reproducing it in my work and with my friends.
 Alberto, thank you very much. I already see that you have understood the message. Forward, you have a beautiful treasure, inexhaustibly, in your hands. It distribute that the more you distribute it the bigger it will be done to you. That God blesses you.

 José Miguel Rotalde Oliva of Peru (July 25, 2005)
 I thank him for this book. It comes to fill a very important gap for those persons who live every day with fervor through Jesus's Gospel. That God Blesses it José Rotalde (Peru)
 Thank you, D. José Miguel. Good what that with the reading of this beautiful Book gaps fill. This Book has written itself for the simple people, with simple comments, it is, simply, The Gospel reported by the same Christ.

 Ariel R. of Argentina (July 18, 2005)
 Excellent work, it will serve to me very much in my department, which big is you on having shared it without cost.
 I am grateful for his comment. Does he want to help Christ? Skylight that yes: truth?, since it makes to come this work to his family, to his friends, to his companions, to his acquaintances and not acquaintances, with the same cost that has supposed Vd.: They are waiting for it!

 ricardommendoza of Mexico (July 05, 2005)
 grasia for this book that I am already going to read it gentleman keeps for inprimirlo grasia lectro that god the bendija

 angie de México (July 05, 2005)
 they know I was sorry I like to enter on his page and GOD BLESSES THEM for having these pages that are so important for thousand thank you angie

 mvrodriguez of Another place of America (July 05, 2005)
 I like the topic

 ell uribe of Spain (July 05, 2005)
 thousand thanks for this beautiful copy (I free Gospels) and for his dedication!! God blesses it for his work...

 Frizzy Jose Angel flower of Another place of America (May 22, 2005)
 I would like knowing the direction of the author to send to him the leaflets that I realize. Thanks. I am a catholic journalist

 Fernando Mendicoa of Venezuela (May 18, 2005)
 From the Dpto. of Family of the C.E.V., Caracas. He would be grateful for an electronic direction for personal communication. Thanks a lot. FMG

 guadalupe de México (May 17, 2005)
 excellent book ojalapudieran to order it to me since it me would be of granutilidad in my pastoral work

 juan maco campoverde of Peru (May 16, 2005)
 valued brother I request if it might poayarme with the book sending it to me why caresco of the resources to be able to lower it I that will be helpful for my life hope that juan should find my request cavida in your heart atte amcom campoverde - cascades 205 urb. san lorenzo chiclayo - peru

 oscar de España (May 11, 2005)
 Friends. I have had a problem on having tried to open the Concordant Program. Excel asks me for digital signatures. How could it open it?

 Tiburcio Perez Hernandez of Mexico (May 05, 2005)
 congratulations, for this book and I hope keep on writing on topics that should help all our brothers, to understand for who we have the life. for everything else there are no words to express such a gift that God has provided him. I repeat a lot of congratulations

 Miguel Angel Ruiz Cornejo of Mexico (May 04, 2005)
 V.T.R. a big work done with love and dedication, I can see your worry to do it correctly and your occupation so that all those who want it could have it. Thanks a lot.

 Arturo Lomeli Melendez of Another place of America (May 03, 2005)
 Valuable brother in Christ Jesus scarcely between in your mail and I found out about the ministry that you are doing and I would like being able to receive your writings. That god blesses you and it continues with your work. Of colors.

 mvrodriguez of Mexico (May 02, 2005)
 I like

 Alfredo García-Simón of Spain (May 01, 2005)
 His book hasido a big and agreeable surprise in the network, thanks for his work and for ete unexpected gift. God blesses and keep to you and to his family many years

 Victor Pedernera N. of Argentina (April 30, 2005)
 Thank you very much for his work, and of the free form with which it does it to come to all of us. That god blesses him.

 Jose de España (April 29, 2005)
 thanks for this big gift that was helping many people

 Angel Gabriel of Mexico (April 27, 2005)
 Cordial greetings, wonderful, we congratulate it. It consults where we can find the congruities. That is to say let's suppose we want to find all the places where justice is mentioned or be?. Please they might indicate us like doing it or if some work exists on this matter. Thank you

 P.Félix Gonzzález Díaz of Mexico (April 26, 2005)
 I congratulate them on this so useful excellent work for our department. feliciddes all the puebla colbordores. arq. in mexico. On April 25 005

 Mario Acevedo of Guatemala (April 25, 2005)
 Scarcely I have thrown a glance to this colossal work and cannot go out of my astonishment, admiration and gratitude. Have the certainty that with every person who reads his work Our Gentleman spills countless blessings on you, his work and all those ones who collaborated in him. I am Guatemalan and I am supported traveling all over the world, something like this book was doing to me flata precisely to occupy my days and hours of trip. Again: THOUSAND THANK YOU AND THAT GOD BLESSES IT!!!!

 José Bernuy of Peru (April 19, 2005)
 Excellent work. God blesses you.

 Jorge de Argentina (April 06, 2005)
 They might send to me the file He programmes Concordante.zip, so I could not have lowered it of the web page. Obviously the book is excellent, but I could not have appreciated it, due to this disadvantage. Greetings.

 Luis Fco. Salazar Ureña of Costa Rica (March 24, 2005)
 On March 24, 2005 Guadeloupe, Costa Rica. I believe that the important thing after so laudable work is to communicate to all the men the message that Christ gives to us, and this tool is precisely an engine for the above mentioned company, blessings Rafael, I am going to send this blessing to so many people as it could. Of colors 481, PC Lesra

 Carlos Ivan Pino of Spain (March 23, 2005)
 Infinite blessings for the laudable work that you have done. The program cocordante is a formidable tool for the Biblical study. There is no ningna doubt in which JESUS inspired and reached his book and this project of yours. Thanks for his dedication and do not stop continuing in the same one, since behind everything our Mother Virgin Mary is

 Hugo Rios of Mexico (March 23, 2005)
 That God blesses it for this beautiful work and of putting in the hands of all all, God blesses them.

 Salvador García Bardón of Belgium (March 20, 2005)
 My second gift consists of presenting you to a friend that I have just met on the same morning. It is a question of Rafael García Ramos, engineer. Perhaps it seems curious to you that I he says to you that there presented you a friend that I have just met. The truth is that as soon as you know it you will have exactly the same feeling that I have had: you will doubt between the word brother and the word friend, to the comprehension the simplicity and the generosity with which this engineer, so enthusiast of the computer science as you and I, presents you to himself in this morning of Sunday of branches, offering you the two best gifts that you could imagine, to live through the processions of this holy week. The first gift of Rafael García Ramos is his Autobiography of Jesus Christ, The Gospel reconciled and commented by a technical engineer. It is a question of an electronic book, where there are ordained chronologically the facts that describe San-Mateo, San Marcos, San Lucas and Saint John, to give place to only one I report, that it appears in autobiographical style. With the proper generosity of an authentic artist of the humanist computer science, Rafael offers us two versions cuidadísimas of the text in format PDF and a version of the same level in format Word. The second gift of Rafael García Ramos is a concordant Program with which anyone can execute a detailed analysis of the Gospels. I underline enthusiastically the affirmations that the Author does on having presented it: “verá what easily makes his a Program that up to a child, of the hand of his teacher, it can use without difficulty. Find for what he looks in the Gospel and episode where it is located. Operative tool for the exégeta, the priest, the teacher of religion ó every person interested by the Life of Jesus Christ. ” From here I send to don Rafael García Ramos the expression of our gratitude and of our admiration. http://www.quediario.com/blogs/705/ Prof. Dr Salvador GARCIA BARDON catholic University of Lovaina http://users.skynet.be/AEU/

 Ruben Enrique Scricciolo of Another country of America (March 03, 2005)
 Thanks for spreading the God's word using all the possible means. The Good Piece of news has to come up to the limits of the ground as Our Mister Jesus Christ asked us. Thank you again
 I am grateful for his comment. It will be filed in the comments folder. I will analyze it and will act consequently.

 Ricardo Salazar González of Another country of America (February 27, 2005)
 wow! that worked so surprisingly, the concordant searcher me will be very useful. I am grateful to him for all his dedication and perseverance in the preparation of these files. Congratulations and that God N.S. keeps on fulfilling with blessings

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I thank him for this book. It comes to fill a very important gap for those persons who live every day with fervor through Jesus's Gospel. That God Blesses it José Rotalde (Peru)
José Miguel Rotalde Oliva
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