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On the author
Author: Rafael García Ramos (Technical Engineer)

Dear reader or reader: More than thirty years have already happened since I initiated the evangelical congruity that next he can contemplate. Chronologically there were ordained the facts that describe San-Mateo, San Marcos, San Lucas and Saint John to give place to only one I report that it appeared in autobiographical style.

In the year 1.980 the 1st edition is published in a format, let's say, that rustic and simple with very few copies and without any comment on the part of the author. This book has the “nihil obstat ” certified by the one that was a Cardinal of Seville Exc. Good Mr. Monreal. Now, to thirty years seen, the Engineer who signs, presents this work as electronic book again to the scope, FREE, of the one who wants to read it, but adding the comments, according to my loyal knowledge and to understand, product of the reflections that a normal man, already put in years, is suggested by the facts and words that are reported. There are comments of a Catholic with deep respect to the Teaching of the Catholic Church. There are comments consistent with the practice of the exercise of the reason and the common sense in the normal development of my activity like person and professional, that of Technical Engineer, leaving steadfastness of which I have used the same deductive sense to interpret the facts of me to live between the men and the facts that next are described.

Rafael García Ramos
(Industrial Technical engineer)
Spain - Murcia, on January 11, 2010

ACROSTIC There are the hours of silence that in my childhood it was not finding, Impossible it seemed to leave the calm language. It does not importune rustle, the light smile Allows with the signs the powerful tomorrow. It is the perfect set, it is the illusion of the life, immaculate Heart, consolation of my help. Ah! Friendly complicity, in the longest corridor Where the kindness was living clear hours and they are they: Oh! Those who in this moment corner all my life to me. Congregated in the hours are all my senses, Occupy my shipwreck, coexist in the silence. They have not been able the years to forget your memory, You concentrate the eternal Peace, the virtue and the truth, On all the future ones, and on the presents of the sea. Blessed salty woman, shop window of the world, Mediator for mother, comes pure crystalline From the nearby Fuensanta; where your children drink; I relieve of your hope that my Mother gives force. josé pómez http://www.pomez.net
josé pómez
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