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Introduction to the Book
Author: Rafael García Ramos

"…cuando the plenitude of the times came, God sent his Son, woman's made son …" (Gál 4,4)
This "plenitude of the times" coincides, approximately, with the ends of the year 749 of the foundation of Rome.
In the western end of Asia. In a ground limited to the North by the Phoenicia and the Syria, to the east by the desert Arabia, to the South by the Idumea and to the West by the Mediterranean. A ground that is called Palestine, which extension, 25.124 Km2, is slightly minor than the region of Murcia - Spain.
"Because this way God loved to the world, that it delivered his Only-begotten Son, in order that everything the one that it creates in The perezca, but I reached the eternal life. Because God did not send his Son to the world to judge to the world, but so that the world is safe for." (Jn 3,16-17)

The word “Evangelio ” defines the history of the life, doctrine and miracles of Jesus Christ, contained in four histories that take the name of four Evangelists and that compose the first canonical book of the New Testament. Four Evangelists are:

Arranging chronologically the previous histories one gives place to the Evangelical “Concordancia ”, that comes to be the only history of a few facts completed in certain time and place. To report this Congruity in the first Person, turns it into Autobiography, word with which there is defined the life of a man or a woman told by himself. If also the Protagonist of this Autobiography distinguishes the reader, then we meet a personal interpellation of who writes to whom he reads, an intimate request of Someone who seems to meet you deeply. This work realized by a Technical Engineer, tries to announce Jesus Christ according to the educations of the Teaching of the Catholic Church, therefore, as it is possible to appreciate in the file “ANTECEDENTES ”, has the “nihil obstat ” certified on June 16 of 1.981 by the Excmo. Mr. D. José Bueno Monreal, Cardinal of Seville.

The canonical text has been supported severely, only there have been added a few words that turn it into autobiographical style. The personal comments are consistent with my loyal knowledge and to understand, based with the same logic and common sense with which a technician reasons in the exercise of his profession. The Engineer who signs exhibits, to the reader, with the maximum possible objectivity, what gradually, he is interpreting as it is advanced in the story. At first, one is felt by mere spectator of the facts that there describes the Protagonist, Jesus Christ, but to few well-read pages, you get inside the history because you feel awkward and finish “tocado ”.

I have stayed anodado with the videos (one that I have opened) and I feel closer to my God. I am grateful to the technical engineer, for his work, because so it is coming where others do not come, to the heart of the man. N.S. Jesus Christ already said it: Go for the world and to proclaim my word. Thank you
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