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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUCRISTO-6.10 Parable of the vineyard. M 21, 33-46; Mc 12, 1-12; Lc 20, 9-19)

6.10 parable of the vineyard. M 21, 33-46; Mc 12, 1-12; Lc 20, 9-19)

And I began to say to the people this one parable:

“Escuchad another parable. A man there was, homeowner, who planted a vineyard, and surrounded it with a stockade, and dug in her a press and built a tower and hired it to a few farmers and stayed away from that country for a lot of time. When the time of the fruits approached a serf sent the farmers, so that they were giving to him of the fruit of the vineyard. More farmers took him and, after ill-treating him to blows, they dismissed him with the empty hands. And another serf returned to send; more they also, after ill-treating him to blows, descalabrarlo and outraging it, dismissed this one with the empty hands. And it returned to send third other; more they also to this one, after hurting him, threw him and killed him. Again he sent other serfs, more numerous than the previous ones. And grasping the farmers his serfs, which they struck, which they killed, which they stoned. One still had the owner of the vineyard: his dear son; envióle the last one to them, saying: “: What am I going to do? I will send my dear son, perhaps they will respect this one ”. More those farmers, in seeing the son, were said between themselves and some were reasoning with others saying: “Este is the heir; come let's kill him, so that the heredity comes to our hands ”.

And grasping of him throwing him out of the vineyard, they killed him. When the proprietor of the vineyard comes, then: what will do with those farmers? ”

Some Dijéronme:

“A it will make the villains perish badly, and will hire the vineyard to other farmers, who will pay the fruits to him to his time ”.

Others, heard this they said:

“: God does not want! ”

More I looking at them fixedly, said:

“: What does mean, then, this that is in the Writing?: “La stone that the builders reproved, this came to be the keystone. For work of the Gentleman this did: and is it wonderful to your eyes? ” Because of it I say to you that the God's Kingdom will be taken from you and one will give to the people who produces his fruits. And everything the one that will fall down on this stone, will do bits to itself; and on whom it will fall down it will crush him ”.

And when there heard the supreme priests and the scribes and the Pharisees these my words, they understood that he was saying them for them. And they were looking for way of taking possession of me at the same hour, but they were afraid of the people that took me as a Prophet. And leaving me they went away.



FINISHED BOOK. (I pulsated in the image of Jesus Christ to unload it. Be patient, the file is big but in brief minutes it will have it in his computer. It is worth it. I authorize, if there is no lucre fortitude, to do of this electronic Book, the copies that they love. IT IS FREE).

Pulsating on the imágen a file unloads in pdf that contien the FINISHED BOOK (AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND COMMENTS). It is formed so that it is possible to print like a book. On having taken this file to the Stationery, printer is necessary to confirm to him that it must print it like a "LEAFLET". It contains 536 pages that distribuídas on 4 pages for sheet of paper A4 one gives place to a book in format A5. That is to say there are needed 134 sheets of paper A4. This file has 21 MB therefore it will spend brief minutes in his discharge. Be patient. It is worth having it in role: LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST COUNTED BY HIMSELF. Is there any other book more important than this one?.

"Bendígote, Father, Master of the sky and of the ground, because you concealed these things to the wise persons and prudent ones and the descrubiste to the pequeñuelos. Good, Father, who this way has seemed well in your observance". (Lc 10,21).

That God blesses his works and thanks for giving these opportunities for our growth, in asercarnos to CHRIST.
Lover Perez Vega
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