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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUCRISTO-8.15 My crucifixion. My agony. My death. (M 27, 31-50; Mc 15, 20-23; Mc 15, 27-37; Lc 23, 32-46; Jn 19,17-30)

8.15 my crucifixion. My agony. My death. (M 27, 31-50; Mc 15, 20-23; Mc 15, 27-37; Lc 23, 32-46; Jn 19,17-30)

They deprived me of the clámide and dressed me in my own garments and led me to crucifying from there.

Taking on the back my Cross, I went out towards the crucifixion place.

And in the way they were a man of Cirene, who over there was happening, certain Simón that was coming from the field, the father of Alejandro and of Rufo.

Resorting to him they needed him from this one and put him in shoulders Cruz so that it was taking it behind me. Seguíanme big crowd of people and of women which me plañían and they were regretting. Turning to them, I said to them:

“Hijas of Jerusalem, do not cry on me, but cry rather on yourselves and on your children. Because, look, they will come days in which they will say: “Dichosas the sterile ones, and the bellies that they did not generate, and the breasts that did not breed ”. Then they will begin to say to the mounts: “Caed on us ”, and to the hills: “Sepultadnos ”. Because if in the green log this they do: in the dry one that will be done? ”

Other two were taken also, malefactors, to be executed by Me. We come to the place called “Cráneo ”, that in Hebrew Gólgota says to himself. They gave me perfumed with myrrh wine, wine mixed with bile; any more it having pleased, I did not want to drink him. And there they crucified me and also to two thieves, one to my right and other to my left. It was the hour it mediates and there was fulfilled the Writing that he says: “Y was counted by it between the wicked ones ”. I was saying:

“: Father, excuse them, because they do not know what they do! ”

Pilatos wrote a title, the inscription of my cause, and put it on the Cross over my head. And it was written:

“Este Jesus Nazarene is the King of the Jews ”

This title, then, leyéronlo many of the Jews, since there was close to the city the place where I was crucified, and it was written in Hebrew, in Latin and in Greek.
The supreme priests of the Jews were saying, then, to Pilatos:

“No scribes: “El King of the Jews ”, but “Él he said: King I belong to the Jews ”.

Pilatos answered:

“Lo that I have written, written is ”.

The soldiers, then, how had they already crucified me, took my garments, and did four parts, a part for every soldier, and the tunic. It was the tunic without seam, woven from above everything she. They said, then, between themselves:

“No let's tear it, but let's throw lucks on her, to see of whom it will be ”.

So that there was fulfilled the Writing that he says: “Repartieron my garbs and on my garment they threw luck ”. The soldiers, then, this did. And sat they were keeping me. And the people was there looking. And those who over there were happening were outraging me moving his heads, and saying:

“: Ea! You, which destroys the sanctum and in three days it rebuilds him, save you to yourself, if it is that you are a God's Son, and fall of the Cross ”.

Of ingenious fellow woman also the priests, with the scribes and elders, in mockery sound were saying to one between themselves:

“A it saved others, if the same it cannot be saved; the Messiah, the King of Israel, the Elected one, goes down now the Cross, so that we see it and believe. Go down now the Cross and we promise to believe in. It has put in God his confidence: free him now, if really he loves him, as he said: “De God I am a Son ”.

There were making fun of me also the soldiers, who approaching offered me vinegar, saying:

“Si You are the King of the Jews, save you to yourself ”.

Also those who had been crucified with Me were outraging me. One of them that was hung was insulting me saying:

“: Are not You the Messiah? Save you to yourself and to us ”.

More other, answering, re-was convenient for him, saying:

“: Are you not even afraid of God, being in the same torture? We, to the truth, it are exactly, so we receive the just payment of what we did; any more This one nothing inconvenient has done ”.

And he was saying to me:

“: Jesus, remember me when you will come in the glory of your royalty! ” (175)

I said to him:

“En truth I say to you that today you will be with Me in the Paradise ”. (176)

There were along with me, crucified, my Mother and the sister of my Mother, Maria de Cleofás, and Maria Magdalen. Seeing my Mother, and along with her to the disciple whom I so much loved, Juan, I said to him:

“Mujer, is there to your son ”. (177)

Then I said to Juan:

“He there to your Mother ”. (178)

And from that hour Juan took it in his company.

The hour came sixth and darkness took place on all the ground until the ninth hour, having been missing the sun. And about the ninth hour I cried out with big voice:

“: Eloí, Eloí: Lamá sabaktaní?! ” “: My god, my God: Why did you abandon me?! ”

Some of those who there were on having heard me were saying:

“Mira, it calls Elías ”.

After this, already knowing that all the things were fulfilled, so that the Writing was fulfilled I said:

“Tengo be ”.

There was there a vessel full of vinegar; to the point, taking, then, one a sponge soaked in the vinegar and fixing it in a hyssop cane, they brought it over to me to the mouth to happen of drinking. More the others were saying:

“Deja, let's see if there comes Elías to save him ”.

When, then, I had taken the vinegar, I said:

“Consumado it is ”.

And crying out with powerful voice I said:

“: Father, in your hands I entrust my Spirit! ” (179)

And saying this, I inclined the head and delivered the Spirit to my Father.

(175) A sinner: for what more can he ask?

(176) What more can happen?

(177) Mother, also we are your children.

(178) My god, I do not ask any more.

(179) The Author of the life expires without consolation and left by his Father God. So much God loved the men who delivers the Son of his divine entrails in hands of the same men who give him so excruciante death. What madness is this one? Who could I understand you, my Father? You have made us eternal debtors of your infinite love. The eternity loving yourself, with the whole soul, with the whole being, does not pay the supreme gratitude with which I must adore you in love, Father of my life.



FINISHED BOOK. (I pulsated in the image of Jesus Christ to unload it. Be patient, the file is big but in brief minutes it will have it in his computer. It is worth it. I authorize, if there is no lucre fortitude, to do of this electronic Book, the copies that they love. IT IS FREE).

Pulsating on the imágen a file unloads in pdf that contien the FINISHED BOOK (AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND COMMENTS). It is formed so that it is possible to print like a book. On having taken this file to the Stationery, printer is necessary to confirm to him that it must print it like a "LEAFLET". It contains 536 pages that distribuídas on 4 pages for sheet of paper A4 one gives place to a book in format A5. That is to say there are needed 134 sheets of paper A4. This file has 21 MB therefore it will spend brief minutes in his discharge. Be patient. It is worth having it in role: LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST COUNTED BY HIMSELF. Is there any other book more important than this one?.

"Bendígote, Father, Master of the sky and of the ground, because you concealed these things to the wise persons and prudent ones and the descrubiste to the pequeñuelos. Good, Father, who this way has seemed well in your observance". (Lc 10,21).

Much been grateful with this work, I am sure that it will serve to take the God's word to more persons, I already have the book and I am using it very much.
Salvador Rios
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