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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUCRISTO-5.27 In Samaria they do not receive me. (Lc 9, 51-56)

5.27 in Samaria they do not receive me. (Lc 9, 51-56)

It happened that, when there were fulfilled the days of my game of this world, seriously the face, I took the firm resolution to head to Jerusalem. I sent messengers in front of me and set out we enter a Samaritans' village to have accommodation. They did not receive me, since my aspect belonged to the one who was going to Jerusalem. Seeing it my disciples Santiago and Juan, they said:

“Señor: do you want that we say that it should lower fire of the sky and should consume them? ”

Turned I answered you to them saying:

“No you know of what spirit you are; because the Son of the man did not come to lose the souls of the men but to save them ”.

And we leave to another village.



FINISHED BOOK. (I pulsated in the image of Jesus Christ to unload it. Be patient, the file is big but in brief minutes it will have it in his computer. It is worth it. I authorize, if there is no lucre fortitude, to do of this electronic Book, the copies that they love. IT IS FREE).

Pulsating on the imágen a file unloads in pdf that contien the FINISHED BOOK (AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND COMMENTS). It is formed so that it is possible to print like a book. On having taken this file to the Stationery, printer is necessary to confirm to him that it must print it like a "LEAFLET". It contains 536 pages that distribuídas on 4 pages for sheet of paper A4 one gives place to a book in format A5. That is to say there are needed 134 sheets of paper A4. This file has 21 MB therefore it will spend brief minutes in his discharge. Be patient. It is worth having it in role: LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST COUNTED BY HIMSELF. Is there any other book more important than this one?.

"Bendígote, Father, Master of the sky and of the ground, because you concealed these things to the wise persons and prudent ones and the descrubiste to the pequeñuelos. Good, Father, who this way has seemed well in your observance". (Lc 10,21).

That God blesses his works and thanks for giving these opportunities for our growth, in asercarnos to CHRIST.
Lover Perez Vega
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