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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUCRISTO-4.07 The Sermon of the Mountain. (M 5, 1-48; M 6, 1-34; M 7, 1-29; Lc 6, 17-49)

4.07 the Sermon of the Mountain. (M 5, 1-48; M 6, 1-34; M 7, 1-29; Lc 6, 17-49)

I went down with them and stopped in a flat place and there a big crowd was waiting for me to hear me and to be treated of his illnesses. I sat down and surrounded with my disciples it was teaching them saying:

Happy the spirit poor, because of them it is the Kingdom of the skies.

Happy the mattresses, because they will possess in heredity the ground.

Happy those who are afflicted, because they will be consoled.

Happy those who are hungry and be of justice, because they will be satisfied.

Happy the compassionate ones, because they will reach compassion.

Happy the heart clean ones, because they will see God.

Happy those who do work of peace, because they will be called God's children.
Happy the chased ones because of the justice, because of them it is the Kingdom of the skies.

Happy you are when they will outrage you and will chase and say all evil against you for my cause; have a good time and delight you, since your reward is big in the skies. That this way chased the prophets who preceded you.

More: your moan the rich ones, because you already have your consolation!

Your moan that you are full now, because you will have duel and will cry!

Your moan when the men give you congratulation, because this way it was as his parents were doing with the false prophets!

You are the salt of the ground. More if the salt will become tasteless: with what will it be salted? For nothing it costs already but to be thrown out and to be trodden of the men.

You are the light of the world. There cannot hide a city put on the top of a mount. They do not even light a lamp and place it under the celemín, but on the candlestick, and it lights to all those who are in the house. That your light lights this way in front of the men, of luck that your good works see and give glory to your Father, who is in the skies.

Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets: I did not come to destroy, but to fulfill. Because really I say to you: earlier they will spend the sky and the ground that spends only one letter o labels of the Law without everything happening. Therefore, who will break one of these smaller orders and this way it will teach the men, will be considered to be the smallest in the Kingdom of the skies; more the one who will act and teach, this one will be considered to be big in the Kingdom of the skies. Because I certify to you that if your justice does not surpass that of the scribes and Pharisees, you do not hope to enter the Kingdom of the skies.

You heard that it was said to the ancient ones:

“No you will kill; and the one who will kill, be submitted to the judgment of the court ”. More I say to you that quite the one that will get angry with his brother, he will be a culprit in front of the court; and the one who will say to his brother “raca ”, (34) will be a culprit in front of the Sanhedrín; and the one who will say to him “insensato ”, will be a culprit of the gehena of the fire. If, then, being you presenting your gift along with the altar, you will remember there that your brother has something against you, it leaves there your gift in front of the altar, and veto first to reconcile with your brother, and it then presents your gift again. I know obligingly on having coordinated you with your opponent, I am big enough, while you go with him in the way, do not be a case that the opponent delivers to you the judge, and the judge to the deputy, and throw you in the jail; really I make sure you that you will not go out from there until you have paid the last cent.

You heard that it was said:

“No you will commit adultery ”. More I say to you that everything the one that looks at a woman to covet it, already in his heart it committed adultery with her. That if your right eye you is a stumble occasion, start it and throw it far from you, because more it is convenient for you that the only one of your members perishes, and that all your body is not thrown in the gehena. And if your right hand serves to you as stumble, cut it and throw it far from you, because more it is convenient for you that the only one of your members perishes, and that all your body does not go away to the gehena.

It was said also: “El that will dismiss his wife, give to him suck it of repudiation ”. More I say to you that everything the one that will dismiss his wife, except the case of fornication, makes her commit adultery; and the one who marries a repudiated, commits adultery.

Also you heard that it was said to the ancient ones:

“No you will perjure yourself, but you will fulfill to the Gentleman your oaths. More I say to you that you should not swear by no means: not for the sky, since it is a God's throne; not for the ground, since it is a footstool of his feet; not for Jerusalem, since city of the “Gran is a King ”; not do not also swear for your head, since you cannot turn white person or black only one hair. But be your language: “Sí ” for himself, “No ” for not; and what of this raisin comes from the Evil one.

You heard that it was said:

“Ojo for eye and tooth for tooth ”. More I say to you that you should not face the evil one; earlier if one slaps you in the right cheek, turn also other one; and to that suit wants to put you and take the tunic from you, deliver to him also the cloak; and if one will force you to travel one mile, it walks with him two; and who he will ask, gives; and to whom given money will want to take you, do not avoid him. And to whom I took yours do not claim.

You heard that it was said:

“Amarás to your neighbor and you will detest your enemy ”. More I say to you that you listen to me: love your enemies, be right to those who detest you; bless those who curse you and request for those who chase you and slander and ill-treat: so that you are children of your Father, who is in the skies, because He makes his sun go out on bad and good and rains on just and unjust. And since you want that the men do with you, also you do with them of equal way. (35) Because if you will love those who love you: what reward do you have? Perhaps they do not do that itself also publish us and sinners? And if you will greet your brothers only: what do you do of more? Perhaps the gentiles do not do that itself also? And if you will be right to those that they do good to you: what grace will you find? Also the sinners do that itself. And if you will give given to those of whom you wait to charge: what grace will you find? Also sinners give to sinners given, with intention of recovering it to the equal one. Earlier well, love your enemies, and be right and give given, without waiting for comeback; and your reward will be big, and you will be children of The most high, since He is good with the ingrates and perverse ones. Be compassionate, as your Father is Compassionate. Be, then, you perfect like your celestial Father it is perfect.

Look do not work your justice in front of the men, to be seen by them; otherwise you have no right to the pay close to your Father, who is in the skies. That's why, when you will do alms, do not order to touch the trumpet in front of you, as the hypocrites do it in the synagogs and for the streets, to be honored of the men: really I say to you, they sign the receipt of his pay. More when you do alms, he does not know your left hand what does your right, so that your alms stays secretly, and your Father, who looks at the secret thing, will give you the pay.

And when you pray, you will not be like the hypocrites, because they are friendly of doing the prayer positions of long wait in the synagogs and in the cantons of the squares, to be exhibited in front of the men; really I say to you, they sign the receipt of his pay.

More you when you pray, enter your room and, thrown the key to your door, do the prayer to your Father, who is in the secret thing; and your Father, who looks at the secret thing, will give you the pay. And on having prayed, do not chat foolishly like the gentiles, since they imagine that with his many verbiage they will be listened. Do not become, then, fellow men to them, that well your Father knows what you have need before you ask him for it.

You, then, have to pray this way:

Our father, that you are in the skies, consecrated is your Name, it avenges to us your Kingdom, your Will be done, this way in the ground as in the sky. Our bread of every day give him to us today, and excuse our affronts to us, as also we excuse those who offend us; and do not drop us in the temptation, more free us from the Evil one.

Because if you will excuse to the men his affronts, your celestial Father will excuse you also to you: more if you will not excuse to the men his affronts either your Father will excuse you yours.

And when you fast, do not become grim like the hypocrites, since they disfigure his faces to appear before the men like ayunadores. Really I say to you, they sign the receipt of his pay. More you, when you fast, unge your head and he washes your face, so that you do not seem to the men like the one who fasts, but to your Father, who is in the hidden thing; and your Father who looks at the hidden thing, will give you the pay.

Do not hoard treasures on the ground, where the moth and the rust make them disappear and where the thieves perforate the walls and steal; hoard rather treasures to you in the sky, where neither the moth nor the rust make them disappear and where the thieves do not perforate the walls and steal. Because where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

The lamp of the body is the eye. If, then, your eye will be good, all your body will be illuminated; more if your eye will be bad, all your body will be entenebrecido. If, then, the light that exists in you is a darkness: will the how much darkness be?

Nobody can be a slave of two gentlemen, because well he will detest one and will have love to other, or will adhere to the first one and will despise other. You cannot serve to God and to the money. (36)

That's why I say to you: do not worry for your life, what you will eat or what will drink, not for your body, in what you will dress yourselves.

For luck does the life cost only the food, and the body more than the garment? Put the eyes in the birds of the sky, which they neither sow, they neither reap, nor gather in granaries, and your celestial Father feeds them. Perhaps you cost only they? And: who of you by force of emulations can add mean only one to the duration of his life? And for the garment: to what to be distressed?

Consider to be the irises of the field how they grow: they neither get tired they nor spin; and I make sure you that not even Salomón, in all his glory, dressed himself like one of them. And if the grass of the field, which today seems and tomorrow he begins to the stove, God like that dresses it: for luck not much more to you, men of little faith? Do not be distressed, then, saying: what will we eat?, or: what will we drink?, or: in what will we dress ourselves? Since after all these things the gentiles walk solicitous. That well your celestial Father knows that you have need for all of them. Look first for the God's Kingdom and his justice, and these things they all will be given you by addition. Do not worry, then, in tomorrow; that tomorrow will worry about itself: be enough to every day your own wickedness to him. (37)

Do not judge and you will not be judged; do not condemn and you will not be condemned: since with the judgment with which you judge you will be judged. Absolve, and you will be absolved; give and one will give to you: good, tight, re-rocked, overflowing measurement will be the one that they give you in your bosom; because the measurement that you will use with the others, that one herself reciprocally will be used for with you. For luck can a blind person guide a blind person? Will not they fall down perhaps entrambos in the hole?

There is no disciple on the teacher, more once cumplidamente formed, anyone will be like his teacher. And to what sights the blade that is in the eye of your brother, and do not you warn the beam that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother: “Hermano, does it leave that I extracted to you the blade that is in your eye ”, without seeing itself the beam that is in your eye? Fraud, extracts first the beam of your own eye, and then you will see skylight to extract the blade that is in the eye of your brother.

Neither give the holy thing to the dogs, nor throw your pearls in front of the pigs, do not be that they stamp on them with his feet and rummaging against you do bits to you.

Ask, and one will give to you; look, and you will find; call, and it will be opened to you: because everything the one that asks, receives: and the one that looks, is found by it; and that it calls will open to him. Or: who will be between you who will his son ask for bread …? for luck will it give him a stone?; or also he will ask him for a fish: for luck will it give him a snake? Or if he asks him for an egg: for luck will it give him a scorpion? If, then, you in spite of being villains, can give good things to your children: the more will your celestial Father give goods to which it the Holy Spirit will be asked …dará those who should ask themselves for it?

This way, then, quite all that you will want that the men do with you do it with them. (38) Because this is the Law and the Prophets.

Enter the narrow door! How wide is the door and spacious the footpath that leads to the perdition! And there are great those who enter her! How narrow is the door and it takes in the footpath that leads to the life! And there are so small those who meet on her!

Keep you of the false prophets, who come to you with sheep garbs; more inside there are greedy wolves. For his fruits you will recognize them.

By luck are harvested grapes of the hawthorns or figs of the burrs? It is so any good tree produces good fruits, more any tree ruín produces bad fruits. The good tree can produce neither bad fruits, nor the tree ruín produce good fruits. Any tree that does not produce good fruit is cut and thrown to the fire. So for his fruits you will know them. The good man, of the good treasure of his heart extracts the good thing; and the villain, of the villain extracts the bad thing; because about the plenitude brimming with the heart he speaks the mouth. (39)

To what does it come to call me: “: Gentleman, Gentleman! ”, if you do not do what I say? Not quite the one that says to me: Gentleman, Gentleman, will enter the Kingdom of the skies; more the one that does the Will of my Father, who is in the skies, this one will enter the Kingdom of the skies. Many people will say to me on that day: “Señor, Gentleman: perhaps we do not prophesy in your Name, and in your Name we throw demons, and in your Name we work many prodigies? And then I will declare them: “Nunca I met you; separate to you of me that you work the iniquity ”.

This way, then, everything the one that comes to me and listens to my words and puts them for works, I am going to show you to whom it is similar. It is similar to a man who builds a house which dug and deepened and put the foundation on the rock; and it lowered the rain, and the rivers came, and the winds blew and they began on that house smashing in her, and could not upset it for being built so well and established on rock. But, everything the one that listens these to my words and does not put them for work, will be alike a stupid man who built his house on sand or ground without foundation: and it lowered the rain, and the rivers came, and the winds (40) blew, and they broke against that house, and to the moment it collapsed and the collapse of that house was big.

Finished these reasonings, the crowd was marveling at my education, because my words were said like the one who has authority and not like his scribes.

(34) Hebrew word that expresses deep scorn for the fellow man.

(35) This is necessary to read it again, we need to reflect, at least to want to want to understand Jesus Christ that so much asks so small who can give. To love the enemies? To bless those who curse us? My gentleman and my God ….: how?

(36) Is good understood, reading friend, reading friend?

(37) The fulfillment of the duty of every day, the abandonment in the hands of the Father, who has created me, of a good Father who looks over me. East if that is a way of holiness, exercising the ordinary one to live of our life in Peace.

(38) This is the key that opens the Paradise. I have to want for all what I want for me. I will come to be loved according to the measurement of my love by the others. I need to communicate, cannot exercise the life and the love in solitude.

(39) To little that you should listen to your neighbor you will know with the one whom you treat. What a little time is needed to meet the man!

(40), in the course of the life, times of unforeseeable consequences come to each and everyone. They come for those who believe and for those who do not believe. The one that believes will be consoled by the Hope, which does not believe there is no Hope that consoles him. With Faith whatever happens the last destination is completed in another life. Without Faith there is no any more destination than this one life, which is finished in a few years.



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"Bendígote, Father, Master of the sky and of the ground, because you concealed these things to the wise persons and prudent ones and the descrubiste to the pequeñuelos. Good, Father, who this way has seemed well in your observance". (Lc 10,21).

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