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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUCRISTO-5.65 The rich young man. The danger of the wealths. Award of the poverty. (M 19, 16-30; Mc 10, 17-31; Lc 18, 18-30)

5.65 the rich young man. The danger of the wealths. Award of the poverty. (M 19, 16-30; Mc 10, 17-31; Lc 18, 18-30)

When I was going out to continue my way, am here that certain principal person running towards me and kneeling down, was asking me:

“Maestro very well: what do I have to do of good to obtain the eternal life? ”.

I said to him:

“: To what questions on what it is good? To what do you call me good? Nobody is good but only a God. More if you want to enter the Life, keep the orders ”.


“Cuales ”.

I answered:

“Conoces the orders: “No you will kill, will not commit adultery, will not steal, will not say false testimony, will not defraud, it honors the father and the mother, and you will love your neighbor as to yourself ”.

And answering, díjome the young man:

“Maestro, I kept all these things from my youth. What more do I need? ”

Fixing in him the look, I loved him, (134) and said to him:

“Una you lack thing: if you want to be perfect, see, there sells everything all that you possess and give it to the poor, and you will possess a treasure in the sky; and turned here, follow me, loading with the cross ”.

As the young man heard these my words, it became very sad and frowning it left bad-tempered, because it was enormously rich and was possessing many goods. Seeing him going, throwing in winch a look I said to my disciples:

“En truth I say to you: how hardly those who possess wealths enter the God's Kingdom! ”.

They were astonished on having heard my words. But again taking the word I said to them:

“Hijos, again I say to you: how difficult it is that those who have his put confidence in the wealths enter the God's Kingdom! ”.

They more and more they were amazed, being said between themselves:

“: Who, then, will be able to be safe? ”

Fixing in them the look I said to them:

“Para the men, impossible, more not for God; that for God everything is possible ”. (135)

Then taking Pedro the word, he said to me:

“Mira, we leave everything and follow you; what will be there, then, for us? ”

I answered him:

“En truth I say to you that you, that you followed me, to the time of the regeneration, when the Son of the man will sit down in the throne of his glory, will sit down also you on twelve thrones to judge twelve tribes of Israel. And any that one that left houses, or brothers or sisters, or father or mother, or children or fields, because of me, of my name, for the God's Kingdom and for the Gospel, will receive the ciendoblado now in this time, in houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields, together with pursuits and in the future century it will possess in heredity the eternal life. And first many will be last, and last many will be first ”.

(134) Christ's Heart fell in love with this young man. God does a public love declaration to a man. He asks this boy to follow him in a way as direct as we have not seen it in the rest of the Gospel. The perfection in the man, the supreme holiness consists, fundamentally, of the abandonment of any love area, from any love to the things to keep the alone heart for God who asks it to follow him loading with the cross, with the cross of every day. I understand that I have to continue it with my cross and the God's Cross that are only one Cross.

(135) For God everything is possible and this is a hope light for the one that does not have it. Where the man cannot come God comes. God can come up to the most despicable heart as the judgment of the men. Blessed is the God of the Compassion that does not give to anybody for lost because everything is possible for.



FINISHED BOOK. (I pulsated in the image of Jesus Christ to unload it. Be patient, the file is big but in brief minutes it will have it in his computer. It is worth it. I authorize, if there is no lucre fortitude, to do of this electronic Book, the copies that they love. IT IS FREE).

Pulsating on the imágen a file unloads in pdf that contien the FINISHED BOOK (AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND COMMENTS). It is formed so that it is possible to print like a book. On having taken this file to the Stationery, printer is necessary to confirm to him that it must print it like a "LEAFLET". It contains 536 pages that distribuídas on 4 pages for sheet of paper A4 one gives place to a book in format A5. That is to say there are needed 134 sheets of paper A4. This file has 21 MB therefore it will spend brief minutes in his discharge. Be patient. It is worth having it in role: LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST COUNTED BY HIMSELF. Is there any other book more important than this one?.

"Bendígote, Father, Master of the sky and of the ground, because you concealed these things to the wise persons and prudent ones and the descrubiste to the pequeñuelos. Good, Father, who this way has seemed well in your observance". (Lc 10,21).

On March 24, 2005 Guadeloupe, Costa Rica. I believe that the important thing after so laudable work is to communicate to all the men the message that Christ gives to us, and this tool is precisely an engine for the above mentioned company, blessings Rafael, I am going to send this blessing to so many people as it could. Of colors 481, PC Lesra
Luis Fco. Salazar Ureña
(Costa Rica)
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