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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUCRISTO-5.22 The currency in the mouth of the fish. (M 17, 24-27)

5.22 the currency in the mouth of the fish. (M 17, 24-27)

Coming to Cafarnaúm, there appeared before Pedro those that the didracmas were receiving and they said:

“: Does not your Teacher pay the didracmas? ”

He says:

“Sí ”.

And when it entered the house, I went forward to him saying:

“: What does Simón look like to you? The kings of the ground: of whom do taxes or taxes charge? Of your own children or of the strangers? ”

“De the strangers ”.

“Luego exempt are the children. More so that we do not scandalize them, I vetoed to the sea and he throws the fishhook, and to the first fish that you extract, take it, and opening the mouth to him, you will find an estater; take it and deliver it to them for me and for you ”. (101)

(101) What seems to you? What human mind can know that in a fish there is a currency before catching it? If they say to me that it should go to the sea, should throw a fishhook and for the first fish that it extracts open the mouth to him and there I will find a currency, he him had not paid attention. The Person who was doing similar request to me has to have divine credit, I cannot imagine in a man such knowledge.



FINISHED BOOK. (I pulsated in the image of Jesus Christ to unload it. Be patient, the file is big but in brief minutes it will have it in his computer. It is worth it. I authorize, if there is no lucre fortitude, to do of this electronic Book, the copies that they love. IT IS FREE).

Pulsating on the imágen a file unloads in pdf that contien the FINISHED BOOK (AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND COMMENTS). It is formed so that it is possible to print like a book. On having taken this file to the Stationery, printer is necessary to confirm to him that it must print it like a "LEAFLET". It contains 536 pages that distribuídas on 4 pages for sheet of paper A4 one gives place to a book in format A5. That is to say there are needed 134 sheets of paper A4. This file has 21 MB therefore it will spend brief minutes in his discharge. Be patient. It is worth having it in role: LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST COUNTED BY HIMSELF. Is there any other book more important than this one?.

"Bendígote, Father, Master of the sky and of the ground, because you concealed these things to the wise persons and prudent ones and the descrubiste to the pequeñuelos. Good, Father, who this way has seemed well in your observance". (Lc 10,21).

Today, for the first time I entered to his page. A lot of congratulations. How do I can optener any of the things that you offer free to be able then to give the material to the prisoners since I collaborate in the pastoral catholic penitentiary of Low California? Thanks for his support.
V. Rodolfo Esqueda Siordia
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