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Author: Rafael Garcia Ramos (Technical Engineer)

God, who is a Love, he makes sure, for mouth of his flesh-colored Verb, not to be dead persons Dios but of alive, because we all live for Him, even after the death.

The human love is an image of the divine Love and as well as this one is eternal, like that, also, it is possible to make sure that any man's noble love that is exercised by the soul in grace, transciende the existence of this world and remains eternally, beyond the time as we understand it.

The love is evident in the lover when this one enjoys himself in an immense pleasure of his soul that whispers: “Qué good it is, my love, that God gave you the existence so that I loved you ”.

For God everything is possible and in his divine approval, it allowed the existence of a man and a woman, in certain space and time, which they loved each other, for astonishment of the angels, beyond the senses and passions, which loved each other in the sweet and supreme delivery of everything what one is and is had, without contest of the most minimal shade of carnal inclination, but with the whole immense depth of the one that well it loves up to the end.

This woman is Maria and this man is José. In the reflection that I exhibit next, I dare to report, with every fondness and respect, the beautiful history of: REAL LOVE.

Maria and José, possibly, were relatives, not in the first grade, but if of nearby families, perhaps with a common genealogical tree in previous and next generations, who would develop his relatively together experiences, that is to say, there must have existed a collateral, nearby and assiduous contact.

With not a lot of difference of age they grew in an affectionate and cordial familiar ambience. Probably that established a current of loyal friendship between two purest souls like theirs. A friendship unceremoniously experienced, by virtue of which thoughts and reflections would be exchanged in intimate and sincere secret. They were speaking about his God, of the God of Abrahán, of Cradle, of David … They would Speak about the Messiah invoking him so that it was coming soon to his people, the Jewish people that he was waiting for so much time.

With affable taste, in his respective souls, a few shared not common illusions are forged in the youth of his time, of no time. The fondness, the tenderness, the affection and respect that both were evident was a gift for his purest hearts. In the ordinary one to live of his days was for them a delight to be in any familiar event or simply to walk together towards the synagog on Saturday day, or to be to the exit and to experience the mutual delight with which both were surprised with only a crossing of the purest looks.

Two families are progeny of king David. The biggest of the house, were spent unnoticed by the harmonious affinity that Maria and José were contemplating between. They take the initiative, without consultation before to the young people, so well agreed, determining, as it was a custom in this time, the nuptials, that is to say, they agree that Maria and José are finally a husband and woman and with it engrandecer the family davídica of the one that will be born, according to the prophets they announced, the awaited Messiah.

The destinations of this two young people are going to join without contest previous to his free assent. Neither Maria nor José had matrimonial projects. Both had revealed to themselves, in his most intimate secrets, the firm promise to deliver to God his respective bodies and souls, with an unfading desire to support his virginity perpetually. Nevertheless, God arranges to direct the events and wills of those to whom it is up, according to the custom of the Jewish race of the epoch, to take the decision so that the union of these two persons, it is completed in the time predetermined from the eternity.

Till now, Maria and José experience a stream of affectionate friendship that he would not be able to describe, nevertheless the pretensions betrothal of those that so much love them are going to propitiate a new and captivating experience in his immaculate hearts. In some certain moment, what was an attractive and cordial friendship, is going to turn into a sublime spark of affectionate and singular love that it fascinates to them and in a sublime souls affinity they remain mutually seduced by this sacred love, a real, supreme love and of predilection. It never happened more noble and finished love nor will happen.

Maria and José, reflect on these events. The virgin maiden finds in young José the whole comprehension that his purest soul was demanding him. At first, both young people is opposed with a kind resistance to the will of his parents, but the insistence of his respective ancestors makes, initially, unviable the sublime pretension to remain virgin of for life.

“El man proposes and God has ”. God accepts the virginal delivery of his favorite Daughter and puts in his way a man as José to whom there is granted the sacred privilege of taking possession of the heart of this Virgin who, still deeply in love, was trying to preserve his immaculate chastity. As well as it sounds, this chastest male has conquered the soul of the woman's purest daughter, the soul of Virgin Mary. José, understands and signs the virginal project of his dear friend, assumes it without effort because it has been provided with a spirit that lives in the harmony of the one who never experienced the lustfulness.

With supreme naturalness, without dramatic effort, both young people agrees on his virginal secret and in this intimacy, of which only witness is the sky, agrees a common strategy to complete his perpetual chastity. The Maria's most beautiful eyes settle in the impeccable retinas of José, the only male who has never known the disorder in his feelings, eyes of a just, complete and complete man as there has never been other it will not even be. This David's progeny interlaces his hands and seals, forever, in a hug fulfilled with supreme affection, with fondness, with tenderness, with love and mutual devotion, the commitment of his eternal virginity.

José is not an introverted man who avoids, with sickly shyness, the closeness with the girls of his time. José treats other young people, in his living of every day, with supreme naturalness, with a heart as clean as the fresh breeze of a sunny and serene day. It was not disturbed by inclinations of lustful attraction because there was provided with a celibate and immaculate heart of-year-old man supreme moral integrity for which it is possible to make sure that it never committed any disorder.

José, with the thin and most delicate spirit, on having been related to Maria, discovers in her a few beyond the common qualities, discovers an innocence and sweetness not known for him. Although, now, it was widely, it understood, with midday intelligence, that the fundamental reason of his existing was not different that to preserve it to this most beautiful creature of the threats of this world.

In turn, the confidence that this man, of supreme good, generated in Maria's Heart, propitiated an elegant and assiduous communication, for which both came to a reciprocal and perfect knowledge of his most intimate and sacred desires and feelings. They were sharing the same ideal: the virginity perpetually kept like tax of an unfading love of adoration to his God: the God of Abrahán, the God of Jacob, the God of Cradle, David's God …

God inspires the wills of his creatures, arranges the events in the family circle of Maria and José so that, just in the time predetermined by his Providence, this purest young people was taking the free decision of his mutual delivery. Complete significance will happen to these words in mouth of José and of Maria:

“María, always yours ”
“José, always yours ”

In this two young people one has woken up the deepest need for affection and attention that overcomes everything what till now they had experienced in his immaculate hearts. An endless and sacred love, the real love, has begun.

A woman has never been loved so well and respected by heart of more noble and clean man. Any man could never have experienced woman's more sublime and innocent love than the one that this Virgin professed to his also innocent and chaste husband. Alone God has full knowledge of this love of predilection and benevolence with which Maria and José loved each other up to the end. José loved and allowed to love itself for the one that would come to be the Mother of the same Love. Maria, received in the intimacy of his soul, the happiest pleasure of the woman's purest born was loved by the male. Maria, perceived in all the fibres of his feminine being the real love, the love of a singular man who loved it more than anybody.

Let's backtrack the time and let's be astonished spectators of this unrepeatable love story in which God enjoyed himself infinitely again.

I contemplate radiant Maria and happiness José. His hands are interlaced, his fixed looks. The simplest and innocent person of the men will be the care of the Purity for definition. He agrees, she also and a virginal marriage is agreed and is completed by an in love and modest kiss that seals forever the biggest love that has never happened between a man and a woman. God smiles from the sky, the angels marvel, as you and I, my sister, my brother.

José was a bearer of a few male's sublime qualities to make possible the most beautiful love that a woman could imagine. It overturned on his Virgin Mary, each and everyone of the best possible experiences of loved to his dear one, all those ones who are born and grow of the supreme integrity of a spirit provided with an inaccessible immaculate grace for the rest of the men. His heart did not experience any sensual inclination. It took to his most excellent state the real love, what is understood for loving and being loved in supreme grade.

The crystalline look of Maria, Woman born without spot of some sin, received the singular delicacy of the heart of the man to which it was destined like wife. The one that would come to be the God's Mother, understood and liked the purest love of his José. The fortitude, the fondness, the respect and the tenderness with which this man was adoring it like Queen of all his person, captivated the spirit and forever it joined him infinite and eternally won the love like never another woman it it has been. The happiest, he accepted his José as the just man who should be the custodian of his virginal maternity.

To investigate the reason for which this two young people acted and felt this way does not stay within reach of the logic and philosophical schemes of the tomorrow and yesterday, today world. Two singular hearts of man and woman join forever with supreme humility and abandonment in the hands of his God, of this your and my God in whom we move and exist, which they adore in love trying to be a cause of his pleasure. On the divine Love there is grafted a human, unknown love, which is exercised between a husband and a wife without contest of the meat, the only and real conjugal love that has been completed in this world without the most minimal sensuality slight sign. This is the love that Maria and José generated, this is the real love excellently.

The families of José and Maria are in the beautiful day, the wedding has already been celebrated, there is a big happiness and the sky is glad eternally. The peace is done in the place, the ceremony, in a placid ambience, has been admirable. God smiles and the angels, enchanted, contemplate how José, in his pure and manly arms, takes his Maria to the hearth that they are going to share. The wife, Maria, takes calms possession of his husband, José. The husband, José, takes calms possession of his wife, Maria. Both, they take joyful possession of his common and humble residence.

Maria is radiant, the most beautiful and from his immaculate Heart it is whispering these words: “Dios of my soul, I give in in your hands and in the blessed hands of this just and good man whom tantísimo you make me love. Thank you, God Love, for the immense happiness of knowing me so well loved for this husband of mine who is going to protect the perpetual virginity that we have offered you ”.

This marriage exercises his experiences with supreme naturalness to the eyes of his families, friends, acquaintances, vecinos…Ocupan his days with the tasks that they it is up to everyone and in living through this one ordinary are increasing his grace before the men and before God, who is a permanent Witness of a blessed and innocent conjugal love that has no precedents.

The loyal and noble manliness of good of José contributed and in certain way it predisposed the commission of the already very near divine maternity of Maria, the virginal Embodiment of the Verb, for work of the Holy Spirit, in the bosom of his wife. Maria had full conscience of his matrimonial state, knew, perfectly, his duties and rights of wife of this man, José, who was the most bottomless object of his love.

The Heart of this Woman was vibrating, virginalmente lover, when loved of his soul it was expressing to him the love with which it was adoring, with his purest looks, his cordial words, his innocent caresses, his kisses of male touched by God to love to the Purity in the cleanest purity of his entrails. José, was a proprietor of his acts, provided with supreme grace, with all the possible perfection in a man, to be, as it was ready from the eternity, worth husband of the God's Mother. As well as Virgin Mary was, the only Woman preserved from the effects of the original sin, like that, also, José was, the only man preserved from any carnal instinct or lustful tendency that it was not possible to dominate with the sovereign exercise of the chastest will, an alone privilege to him granted.

Now he has to contemplate this young husband and this young wife exercising his obligations. We will see José making the living like an independent professional of the wood, a material that was playing a predominant role in the construction of the elements of farming and complements for the execution of the simple buildings of the epoch. He was not a craftsman as we understand it now. His work rather would be understood like that of a connoisseur of the resistant qualities of the wood that was demanding from him a technical logic acquired in the experience of his teachers of office and in its own experience.

Maria, was expiring, to the perfection, with his housewife's duties. It was coexisting with his friends, with the family and neighbors. He would go to the river to wash, to the shop to buy, to the well or to the source to extract water. etc. At midday it would have the meal prepared for his José and for her. José, back of his occupations, would help it, they would eat together after blessing and would speak, in kind conference, about the mutual experiences of every day, about the anecdotes and events of the family and neighbors of the environment. To the evening the same scene would recur and, already, when the night it is closed and the weariness closes the ojitos of both, they move back to rest, together, to his matrimonial bed, in which he rests only the real love, a serene and virginal love that the world will never comprise.

It might not understand it otherwise. I contemplate the wife loved along with the dear husband. José is a God's gift to Maria, a gift for all the men of good will, a teacher of spiritual life, of clean love. The Virgin leans his head on the manly and worth breast of the man that God has given to him for husband. Peace in the soul and the heart of this two young people, of this singular marriage, peace in the ground, peace in the sky, alone fondness and tenderness in enjoying this one of the pure real love.

The centuries were completed, there came the day determined before the creation of the world. The sky, expectant, fixed his look in this humble house of Nazareth. There, a Jewish youngster was finishing his task. They would be on twelve o'clock in the morning when, taking seam, it made itself comfortable, along with the window, on a wooden butaquita that his husband had given him. For the fanlight they were penetrating the beams of the resplendent sun …: what a beautiful day!

In a sudden and unexpected way there went over to his presence a refulgent figure that startled it. It was the most beautiful angel that goes to his attention in reverent attitude, which addresses to it with these words:

“Dios I saved you, it fills of grace, the Gentleman is with you, blessed you between the women ”.

With serene mastery of himself, Maria, nevertheless, remains confused for the words with which the celestial messenger praises it. Maria's sublime humility propitiates a lofty knowledge of himself and of God, divinity that she had received like no other created being. With sudden reflection it was thinking up what had to know about this greeting: ". full of Grace?" ":. Blessed between all the women …?... Gabriel said:

“No topics Maria, since you found grace to the God's eyes. And now you will conceive in your bosom and will give birth a Son, to whom you will give for name Jesus. This one will be big, and he will be called a Son of The most high, and Mister god will give him David's throne his father, and he will reign on Jacob's house eternally and his reign will not have end. ”

It does a brief silence to itself, the scene is wonderful, Maria understands the message. A King goes to generate in his entrails …: The God's Son!... The Messiah! Well this Virgin knows that the shown for the angel is the glorious sleep of any Jewish woman. This supreme and privileged honor has corresponded to her. This most beautiful young woman understands that what one announces to him is imminent, if she like that accepts it, feels flooded with the God's love. The Holy Spirit is on the point of completing his best work.

The Universe seems that it had stopped. This wife reflects in seconds and now the figure of his José is made clearly clear to him in his blessed heart, like likewise the sacred commitment acquired by both …: the virginity!... The young woman answers:

“: How will this be, since I do not know male? ”

Maria, in his interior, already has agreed to the words of the angel, gives for fact that will be fulfilled, without any doubt, but he wants to know the way, since, in este presente, it has not to know male certain, it does not also have will to know it in the future. Any spectator of this scene who should not inform about what next happens, would be said for himself: “Ahora, undoubtedly, the angel, it will show that it is a God's will that two young husbands break with his virginity promise ”. This is for what we would expect any of the men from this world. Nevertheless, Maria, does not deduce of equal way and for the objective interpretation of his words, it is possible to make sure that it gives made that the angel knows his virginal state still being married and that also he knows of the unquestionable commitment of virginity that it has agreed with his husband, José. Gabriel answers him:

“El Holy Spirit will descend on you and the power of The most high will shelter you with his shade; by which also what will be born will be called a Saint, a God's Son. And is here that Elizabeth, your relative, also she has conceived in his old age, and this is the sixth month for her the one that they were calling sterile; because nothing is impossible for God. ”

The Virgin has understood, there will not be male's contest. His virginity and that of his husband they remain intact. For God everything is possible. His Faith is immense, she accepts the message and there does not lose a moment of his thought the noble figure of the proprietor of his person, José, his most dear husband. With the soul, arrobada, it is on the point of assuming the divine Maternity, but in turn, from his blessed Heart the words of his promise come, touching, to the man of his life: “José, quite yours ”, he listens to the voice of his José: “María, quite yours ”.

The Creation, excited, Gabriel is dependent on the answer of this Jewish youngster to the archangel. All the created beings suspend the respiration, the supreme sense of expectancy immobilizes the Universe. God espera…y said Maria:

“He here the slave of the Gentleman; be done in me according to your word. ”

God comes to be generated in the bosom of his Mother, Maria. The Creation exclaimed a happiness scream, a Hallelujah infinitely and eternally.

Maria's thin spirit, his sacred body, experimented, like a divine blow, the action of the Holy Spirit, which produced to him the glorious and happiest feeling not known for her. It perceived the incipient gestation of the very same God who had created it, the conception of the Messiah, so waited by the Jewish people. This grand Grace did not alienate it, on the contrary, with many major lucidity his thought was a bearer of the indelible image of his José. The Heart of this Woman was receiving affectionately, the God's presence Father, God Son and God Holy Spirit and in turn, with a tenderness without measurement, the figure of the proprietor of his Heart, the figure of his José, the dear good. For this man, of perfect and finished virtue, Maria kept his most grateful love with these supposed words: “José, quite your, quite your with what in me has been generated. José, you are mine, with everything what you are and everything what you have. I am yours with everything what I am and everything what I have. Dear husband, without your virginal and loose love had never been a Mother of this God's Son that I take in my entrails. Now when I it am for the God's Love, I know you, handcuff mine, the father of my Son, because everything mine is yours. Blessed be José, loved mine ”.

The young wife remains gathered in his thoughts. Gabriel, it moves back from his presence and God, the God's Verb, without stopping being Dios, begins to be Hombre, forming of Maria's human nature. The God meat is done by the meat of a Jewish Woman, wife of a young Israelite who preserved his virginity forever.

Maria, reflects and ponders the events and now prompt to meet his husband, kind José: what will he say to him?: how will he say to him?: when will he say to him? It is already a midday and the husband has finished his task, he is at the edge of the hearth and is heard:

- Maria, already I am here.

José washes his hands, approaches his wife, kisses it and perceives that today, his wife, is more beautiful than never. He says to him:

- Maria, today you are beautiful.

Maria smiles, puts the table, he helps him, they speak about things from here and of there, bless and the lunch begins. They have ended and José helps Maria and while this one deals with the last details, the young husband sits down along with the window. It does fresh and he is a pleasure to sunbathe that it enters illuminating the clean and happy salita. Maria comes, it sits down along with José, takes him of the hand and fixing his most beautiful eyes on those of his husband, says to him:

- José, this early morning I have received the unexpected visit of a messenger who has shown something sublime and extraordinary to me, of big transcendency for our lives.

The husband, fixes his astonished eyes, but with immense serenity and tenderness, in those of his wife. And he asks:

- A messenger?: what has happened, my life?

Maria, his handyman joins with José's manly hands, it caresses them and continues:

- José, my dear José, an angel of the sky, at about twelve o'clock, presented before himself right here, greeted me and congratulated for having been marvelously select, between all the women, to conceive in my bosom the awaited Messiah, to the God's Son.

José, it joins towards her, his look becomes more penetrating and asks again:

- Maria: how can this be without breaking our sacred promise?

The Virgin, brought his beautiful hand over to the face of his dear one and he says to him:

- José, the Holy Spirit has descended on me, the Power of The most high has sheltered me in his shade and what in me has been generated will be called a God's Son.

Forever there remained recorded in the mind of this Woman the sweet and serene expression of the face of his husband, the purest and innocent sheen of the eyes of his José. Maria continued:

- loved mine, we are esclavitos of the Gentleman, everything is possible for God. I accept his Will remaining humble so that it is done in me according to Gabriel's word, which this way is called the angel that has announced it to me. Loved mine, also I am esclavita yours and although it is true that the Child who went in my entrails is a God's Son, it is not less true that for my Hijo and I are in turn quite yours, East, also he will be your Son, because everything mine is your and everything yours it is mine.

José, remains thoughtful but with the extremely serene gesture. In silence, it passes: Who is this Woman that God gave to me for wife? Who am I to deserve it?

Maria, it approaches his José, kisses it, caresses it, he him smiles and says to him:

- do not be afraid, José, God it can quite. You have to know, also, that our cousin Elizabeth has conceived in his old age and there is already in the sixth month that sterile age; because nothing is impossible for God.

José, with the harmony of his spirit drawn in a smile, embraced his wife, kissed it, caressed it and sheltered it in his manly and virginal breast. Two hearts joined in the only one that was impelling Maria's beautiful blood towards the increasing meat of the God's Son.

…Hay that to to the thread of the ordinary life, everyone it be employed again at his task. Everything passes with supreme naturalness and this way, in a beautiful conference of love and respect, Maria convinces José of the need to go to help Elizabeth. José arranges the necessary thing for the trip up to Ain Karin, the mountainous city of Judá where his prime oldster was living.

There go already the Queen and Lady and his slave José who takes the humble heart and the diffuse thought. They go way of Zacarías's house, there waits for them the Precursor, Juan, who will jump of pleasure in the belly of his mother when it hears the voice of Virgin Mary.

José, contemplated the hug of a young pregnant Virgin and an oldster. What a mystery! It will hear Elizabeth's voice:

“: Blessed you between the women and blessed the fruit of your belly! And where from to me this grace, which avenges the Mother of my Gentleman to visit me? Because so your voice sounded in my ears, the child jumped of pleasure in my bosom. Happy you that you have believed they will have fulfillment the things that have been said to you on behalf of the Gentleman. ”

…Vuelve José to his task, to his work. Day and night he is pondering the facts and the words of his most sweet Maria. There come to his in love heart opposing feelings of happiness and bitterness. What to do? Maria has generated the Messiah. What will do this man who contemplates his extremely glorious wife? Perhaps he was reflecting of the following way: “Ayer, my wife was Reina and Lady of my soul. Yesterday, she was the wife of this humble carpenter. Yesterday, my eyes were settling in theirs radiant of purity. Yesterday, I was making use and serving it. Yesterday, she was José's wife. Today, Maria, is the Queen and Lady of the sky and of the ground. Today, the human race shows before me his blessing especially. Today, in her the Hope of Israel is generated. Today, it is quite of God more than mine. Today, the Mother of my Gentleman must not be a wife of this unworthy man ”.

Another day and another day passes. Maria attends to his cousin Elizabeth, José works and the waiting between lights and shades. Tomorrow the Virgin returns. José, who is proved by the Gentleman, prepares to immolate his blessed love. With the broken heart, it resolves to leave Maria. It cannot be an obstacle to the Holy Spirit that Father generated in the meat of his wife to the same God's Son. It has to do it with prudence and opportune moment, of such form that his beautiful Maria remains a protégée of the “qué they will say ” of his relatives and acquaintances. It will repudiate it secretly and will disappear, going to another distant place. This is José's Calvary that feels tronchada the soul, but he accepts, serenely, what is thinking about being Voluntad del Padre Dios.

Maria came. Signs of the divine pregnancy are already demonstrated. A celestial smile shows in his beautiful face. She, it does not know the intention of his husband but he knows by intuition subtle sadness in the visage of his husband. He will say to him:

- you worry, José. What happens to you?

José embraces it and it him whispers:

- it is not at all, my sky, an asuntillo of work. We are going to rest that it is already late, loved mine.

Tomorrow, God will say, tomorrow the heart of this man, I joust and good, it will break of sorrow …

The sleep and the sadness close José's eyes. In his blessed breast he rests the cabecita of his Maria in deep peace. Two hearts and other of God they beat filled with real love. It already blunts the dawn, by the window the light of the bright stars is seen, still. José, half-opens the eyes but a heavy drowsiness immobilizes it and in this unknown sensation it hears a voice:

“José, David's son, do not be afraid to take with you Maria your wife, since what was generated in her is of the Holy Spirit. A Son will give birth, and you will put him for name Jesus, because the salvará to his village of his sins. ”

Suddenly, José, opens the eyes, looks, trying to discover around him to the angel that he has spoken to him and has heard clearly. It does not see the messenger but with immense peace and tenderness fixes the look in the sky of his wife who sleeps deeply. The day it already teaches the light of the dawn and a clean and fresh breeze clears him and brimming with happiness, in the silence of a new and beautiful day that begins, there hears a shy trinar of a jilguerillo that perhaps it has seen to the angel that the alone husband has heard. José says the God of his parents, his God:

Thank you, my blessed God, thanks for your infinite kindness, thanks for having chosen me. Now, I contemplate the reason of my existence. Now, my Gentleman, I will live for my Lady, the Queen who rests along with his slave. I will take care of it and will love it since nobody could love it, I will be the prudent guard of his virginity and purity. My wife, when it deigns to look at me, will only see the innocence of a heart that adores it. Thank you, eternal Father because you have done to me of your image to exercise the human parenthood on That one that being your Son and Son of Maria, my wife, also it will be mine. Blessed be, Maria, you that you are quite mine, because you have believed and make me a proprietor of what you take in your entrails, of the Author of the life and of the real love. If yesterday it loved you like wife, today I love you as wife and like Queen. In my breast it vibrates the heart of your husband and of your slave. Blessed be, my wife.

(I pulsated in this imágen and this librito will discharge, with Schubert music, into POWER POINT)

Jesus Christ is a God and he is a Man, a Man as the man less in the sin. Maria and José are spouses who exercised his marital state without contest of lustful acts, from which they were preserved by divine plan. Now then, this privileged grace did not prevent this marriage from living, with absolute naturalness, the daily one to live of a husband and a wife in immaculate chastity.

I leave steadfastness of which the written thing corresponds to what it is named “materia of opinion ”, that allows, inside an order, to interpret some evangelical passages of different form, any time they do not contradict the doctrine, the Dogma of Faith. There are reflections as the loyal knowledge and to understand of a son of the Catholic Church, who tries to fit with the maximum rigor to his Teaching, the only treasurer of the Truth of Jesus Christ.

It seems elementary, my dear friend, that the Teaching of the Church expresses his “materias opinables ” in accordance with the times. I say “materias opinables ” because those who are a Dogma of Faith are invariable, there happens the time that it spends.

From the year 1.905 until the date, the Church has advanced very much in his theological studies and even even has promulgated a Dogma of Faith, the Dogma of the Asunción of the Virgin to the skies in body and soul. The Pope Pío XII proclaimed the dogma of the Asunción on November 1, 1950, which last phrase is:

“……. we pronounce, declare and define to be a dogma divinely developing that The Blessed Virgin God's Mother and always Virgin Mary, finished the course of his earthly life, went asunta in body and soul to the glory of the sky".

Since you will know, the theologians were not agreeing on the question that alludes to the death of Virgin Mary. Did he die or did not Virgin Mary die? This polemic was settled using a subtle phrase that makes his opinion opened to the conscience of everyone alrespecto. The Pope does not establish in the dogma that the Virgin was dying or not, only he says:

“terminado the course of his life terrena ”.

You who thinks? did he die or did not die? If I affirm to him that he did not die and you believe the opposite: am I against of the Teaching because my opinion is not his? Truth that not? Since this is what is called “materia opinable. Giving one more step, I would dare to ask him, my friend: in his personal love scale to Virgin Mary: You what does he believe? The person who does not think like you: does it love less Virgin Mary?

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Rafael García Ramos
(Technical engineer)
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