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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUCRISTO-5.18 The birth blind person. (Jn 9, 1-41)

5.18 the birth blind person. (Jn 9, 1-41)

On the following day, happening I saw a blind birth man. And my disciples asked me:

“Maestro: who sinned: this one or his parents, so that he was born blind? ”

I answered:

“Ni it sinned neither this one nor his parents, but the God's works had to be evident in him. It is necessary that it is Me who acts you work them of the one that he sent to me, while it is day; it comes the night, at which nobody can be employed. While I am in the world, Light I am of the world ”.

Said this, I spat in ground, did mud with the saliva and him ungí with the mud the eyes to the blind person saying to him:

“Anda, wash in the Siloé swimming pool ”.

It was, then, and he washed himself, and returned with sight. With this the neighbors and those who earlier saw him begging were saying:

“: Is not it this one perhaps the one that was seated and was begging? ”

Some were saying:

“Es he ”.

Others were saying:

“No, but it is one that looks alike to him ”.

He was saying:

“Soy I ”.

Decíanle, since:

“: How, then, were the eyes opened to you? ”

He answered:

“Aquel man that Jesus calls himself did mud, and me ungió the eyes, and said to me: “Ve to Siloé and wash ”; so then I was, and having washed myself, I recovered the sight ”. (97)

And they said to him:

“: Where is it? ”

He says:

“No I know it ”.

They take the Pharisees to the one that had been blind. The day was a Saturday that I did mud and opened the eyes to him. Again, then, the Pharisees asked him also how it had recovered the sight. He said to them:

“Me it put mud on the eyes and I washed myself, and I see ”.

The Pharisees were saying, then, some of between:

“Este man does not come from God, since he does not keep on Saturday ”. (98)

More others were saying:

“: How can a sinful man work similar signs? ”

And there was split between them. They say, then, to the blind person again:

“: You that you say of as soon as that it opened the eyes to you? ”

He said:

“Que is a Prophet ”.

The Jews did not believe, then, about him that it was blind and it recovered the sight until they called the parents of the same one that had recovered the sight, and they asked them saying:

“: Is this your son, that you say that he was born blind? How, then, does it see now? ”

His parents answered and they said:

“Sabemos that this is our son and that he was born blind; how does it see now, we do not know it, or who opened his eyes, we do not know it; ask him about him, age has; he will say of himself ”.

This his parents said, because they were afraid of the Jews; since there had already reached an agreement the Jews in whom, if someone was recognizing me as a Messiah, it was expelled from the synagog. That's why his parents said: “Edad it has; ask him about him ”. They called, then, for the second time the man who had been blind, and said to him:

“Da glory to God. We know that this man is a sinner ”.

To this it was he who answered:

“Si it is sinful I do not know it; a thing I know: that I was blind and now I see ”.

Dijéronle, since:

“: What did with you? How did it open the eyes to you? ”

He answered them:

“Os I already said it, and you did not listen to me; to what do you want to hear it again? Perhaps also you want to become his disciples? ”

They loaded him with insults and said to him:

“: You disciple Suyo are; we, of Cradle we are disciples! We know that to Cradle God has spoken to him; any more we do not know this one where from it is ”.

The man answered and he said to them:

“En this precisely is the strange thing: that you do not know where from it is, and, nevertheless, it opened the eyes to me. We know that God does not listen to the sinners, but, if one honors God and fulfills his will, he listens to this one. One ever never heard saying that one should open the eyes of a blind person of birth. If this one was not coming from God, it might not do anything ”.

They answered and said to him:

“Empecatado it was you who were born of feet to head: and do you give lessons to us? ”

And they threw him out. It came to my ears that they had thrown to him out and meeting him I said to him:

“: Do you believe in the God's Son? ”

“: And who is, Gentleman, so that he believes in? ”

“Le you have seen, and the one that speaks with you, the es ”. (99)

“Creo, Gentleman ”.

Prostrating itself, it adored me. And I said to my disciples:

“Para a judgment it was Me who came to this world: so that those that they do not see, are seen by them; and those that they see, blind persons turn ”.

(97) He was born blind and lived blind up to meeting Jesus. God put his saliva in the ground, did a bit of mud, smeared the eyes of the blind person of birth, washed itself in the Siloé swimming pool and began to see the light for the first time. For God everything is possible.

(98) I feel foreign shame for the fact that beings of my race could exist, men, capable of reasoning with so perverse ignorance, an ignorance voluntarily dear. A sick heart for a nastiness that entenebrece the reason.

(99) Christ is the Messiah, the God's Son. Like God, this young man will be announced, of direct form. Earlier, we appreciate that also is announced, like the Messiah, to a woman samaritana. Both see him and listen to him clearly., Jesus will say him to this one: “Le you have seen …”, he will say to the samaritana: “Soy I, which speaks with you …”



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