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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JESUCRISTO-7.07 Prediction of Pedro's denials. (M 26, 31-35; Mc 14, 27-31; Lc 22, 31-38; Jn 13, 36-38)

7.07 prediction of Pedro's denials. (M 26, 31-35; Mc 14, 27-31; Lc 22, 31-38; Jn 13, 36-38)

Díjome Simón Pedro:

“Señor: adónde do you go? ”

I answered him:

“A where I go you cannot now follow me, but you will follow me later ”.

Pedro said:

“Señor: why cannot I follow you now? My life I will give for You ”.

I answered:

“: Your life for me will you give? Really, really I say to you, all of you will scandalize yourselves in me this night; because writing is: “Heriré to the shepherd and the sheep of the herd will disperse ”. More later that it will have resuscitated, I will go before you to Galilee ”.

Pedro took the word again, saying:

“Aun when they all are scandalized in You, I will ever never scandalize myself ”.

I said to him:

“En truth I say to you, Pedro, that you, today, in this night, before two times sing the rooster, three times will deny to me. (160) Simón, Simón, sight, Satan claimed you to shake you like the wheat; but I requested for you, who does not weaken your faith, and you one day turned on you, it comforts your brothers ”.

More he, with excessive obstinacy, was saying:

“Señor, with You prompt I am to go even to the jail and to the death. Although I will meet in situation of dying with You, it will not be me who denies to you ”.

And all my disciples were saying the same also. More I said to them:

“Cuando I sent you without bag, saddle-bag and sandals: perhaps you lacked something? ”

They said:

“Nada ”.

And I said to them:

“Mas now the one who has bag take it; also also saddle-bag; and the one who has no sword, sells his cloak and one be bought. Because I say to you that there has to be fulfilled in me this that is written: “Y was counted by it between the delinquents ”. Since what refers to me, touches to his end ”.

They said:

“Señor, it looks, there are here two swords ”.

I said to them:

“: Be already enough! ”

(160) His most passionate friend, which is recognized like head of the incipient Church, is going to deny to him. The one that is ready to give the life for his Teacher will affirm with “contundente weakness ” that does not meet him. Nobody can judge blessed Pedro because anybody is free of even major cowardices. It surprises with what accuracy Christ knows the facts that are going to happen before they happen. Who is Jesus?



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